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We are not in a position to take any new orders for the foreseeable future while we review our product offerings with the digital swap over.

All telephone lines in the country have to be changed to digital lines by the line providers by the end of 2025 and our current system is based on analogue telephone lines.

Reassurance in and around your home

No start up costs. No delivery charges. First month free!

Saga SOS Alarms is a subscription service providing personal alarms in the UK.

A Saga personal alarm enables your loved ones to get instant help when they need it, and we will always keep the nominated family members informed should anything happen to them. Our aim is to provide you with total reassurance that we will be there for your loved ones regardless of how big or small their issue is.

Discover our SOS service!

Our friendly staff are happy to help.

0800 068 5059

Mon-Fri: 9:00am-5:00pm

Easy to use personal pendant alarms

By wearing the personal alarm as a wristband or pendant, all they have to do is press the panic button and the alarm system will instantly connect them to our 24-hour response team. Our team will know exactly who they are, where they live and how to contact a nominated family member or friend.

An SOS personal alarm is great for anybody who:

  • Enjoys their freedom of the home and garden, but does not want to be out of reach of assistance
  • Values their independence and does not want family or friends to worry
  • Sometimes feels unsteady on their feet
  • Has a more serious health problem that can be triggered at any time
  • Wants the reassurance of knowing help is at hand when they need it

How it works

SOS alarms are very easy to use. There are no phone numbers to remember or dial – the user simply presses a button.
Below is the step-by-step guide once the panic button has been pressed:

When the button is pressed...
  1. The client presses the button when in need of help or assistance. The personal alarm system will register the button's been pressed and instantly connect them to our response team.
  2. One of our friendly operators will talk to them through the alarm system’s two-way loudspeaker, reassuring them that help is on the way.
  3. We will then immediately contact you or the nominated person (key holder) or the emergency services, if required.
  4. Either you, another key holder, or the emergency services will then be with the client as soon as possible.
Care Services

What is a personal alarm key holder?

A personal alarm key holder can be you or another relative or friend who lives within 30 minutes of your loved one and has their permission to enter their home. Where possible we suggest having two key holders, as they will become the first point of call for our response centre.

How much does a personal care alarm cost?

There is no upfront fee to pay, plus if you call today you’ll get the first month free!*

Saga SOS is available to rent by monthly direct debit, which includes all equipment, and the 24-hour monitoring service.

  • Monthly cost (VAT exempt)* – £15.95
  • Monthly cost (including VAT) – £19.14
*VAT exemption:

The cost of the Saga SOS equipment and the service fee for monitoring will be subject to VAT unless the client is chronically sick or disabled and can declare themselves as such.

Chronically ill means that they have an illness that is likely to last for a long time, such as arthritis. Disabled means a physical or mental impairment, which has a substantial and long-term effect on their ability to carry out normal activities. They do not need to be registered disabled to claim relief from VAT, but you must specify their disability and complete a VAT exemption declaration.

What's included with Saga SOS?

Saga SOS includes the following benefits:

  • Base unit, with adjustable volume control and automatic battery back up

  • 24-hour monitoring service

  • Waterproof press-button personal alarm with pendant and wristband accessories

  • Lifetime warranty for the device

  • User guide and pre-programming of unit.

SOS personal alarms

Below are details about the products included in your subscription.

SOS Alarm Hub

Price: FREE (included in your subscription)

A small box (20cm/13 cm/1cm), which connects to the home telephone line and a power source. This hub connects to the wrist/necklace alarm button, bogus caller button, and other connected accessories, when activated it connects to our emergency contact centre, which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, ready to reach out to keyholders, emergency contacts and the emergency services should you need them.

Price: FREE (included in your subscription)

SOS Alarm Button

Price: FREE (included in your subscription)

This small, compact, splash proof SOS alarm button can be worn around the neck or on the wrist like a watch, with the strap and necklace accessories provided. The device has a long battery life of over two years. [NB: please note these items are monitored and will be replaced for free when they indicate low power]

Price: FREE (included in your subscription)

Read our SOS personal alarm brochure

For further information and a more in-depth look at what we have to offer our brochure is available to view or download toady.

SOS personal alarm brochure

You can choose to view or download the Saga SOS personal alarm brochure (PDF, 450KB)
View Download

Connected accessories

All our SOS alarm accessories are linked to the SOS hub, monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year, so you never need to worry about whether they are working or out of batteries.

Some of our connected accessories require professional installation at an extra charge of £99 (ex VAT**).

For more information regarding installation services please contact our sales team on 0800 068 5059.

Connected accessory options


Price: £102 (inc VAT*)

A keysafe is a device that attaches to the outside of the alarm user’s residence containing a key to enter the property.

A code must be entered into it to be able to retrieve the key. That code will be known to trusted individuals and required by Saga should the emergency services need access to the property.

Price: £102 (inc VAT*)

Smoke Detector

Price: £82.80 (inc VAT*)

When a fire is detected, the unit provides a loud audible warning to the user and automatically sends an emergency alarm signal to our control centre.

Price: £82.80 (inc VAT*)

**VAT Exemption. If you are chronically sick or disabled, and can declare yourself as such, please ask for a VAT exemption form. Chronically ill means that you have an illness that is likely to last for a long time, such as arthritis. Disabled means a physical or mental impairment which has a substantial and long-term effect on your ability to carry out normal activities. You do not need to be registered disabled to claim relief from VAT, but yo must specify your disability.