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Travel Insurance Coronavirus Update

Coronavirus and your Saga Travel Insurance policy

The Saga Travel Insurance team is available to help, so please call them on 0800 056 9200 for advice about your cover or any support you may need.

The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office is the best place to go for the latest advice about travel.

Our travel insurance policies now include cover for cancellation (up to 14 days prior to your trip departure) or abandonment (during your trip) if you, a close relative or anyone you are planning to travel with or stay with receives in writing a positive test result for COVID-19. We also offer emergency medical and repatriation cover if you contract COVID-19 while on your trip.

Any other claims relating to coronavirus (COVID-19) are not covered.

If you travel to a country where the FCDO has advised against all but essential travel, for a non-essential reason, you'll have no cover in place for any policy section if the reason for your claim is related to why the FCDO advice is in place, for example, coronavirus. If you travel for essential reasons, see our list of what is deemed essential, then you will have full policy coverage in place.

Please note if you travel to a country where the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) has advised against all travel, or if you travel against the advice of a UK doctor, you will have no cover under this policy.

How we are helping customers facing financial difficulty

If you're experiencing financial difficulty as a result of COVID-19 we have some options we can explore that may help you during this difficult time, such as:

  • Reassessing your risk profile which may result in a premium reduction
  • Reassessing your demands and needs to ensure your product is still suitable
  • Reviewing payment plans available
  • Payment deferrals.

If you do need support, please call us on 0800 056 9200 and we will help you find the best solution for you.