Additional cover options

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In addition to the benefits which come as standard with a Saga Car Insurance policy, we also offer a range of additional cover options.

UK wide breakdown service, available at a discounted price when added to a Saga Car Insurance policy

To help keep you on the road, Saga Breakdown Assistance can be added to your policy at a discounted rate. It offers reliable breakdown cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and with a range of cover levels you can choose the cover that’s right for you:

  • Essential – roadside repair, or recovery to the nearest garage*
  • Home Call – repair at home or roadside, or recovery to the nearest garage
  • National Recovery – roadside repair, or recovery to your home or garage anywhere in the UK*
  • Comprehensive – repair at home or roadside, or recovery to your home or garage anywhere in the UK – plus hire car or overnight accommodation
  • Premier – all the above, plus EU cover for roadside repair and full recovery to the UK - Plus holiday departure cover, transporting you to your departure point if we are unable to fix your car.

*When breakdown occurs at least 1/4 mile from home address.

When you call for assistance under your Saga Breakdown Assistance this additional cover option helps towards the cost of parts and garage labour to get you back on the road, excluding the Channel Islands and Isle of Man.

Cover includes:
  • Costs of up to £500 per claim, for up to five claims per year
  • A wide range of parts including those associated with the most common causes of breakdown such as batteries, starter motors and alternators
  • An excess of only £25 per claim.

If you are involved in an accident that's not your fault and was caused by a known insured third party, we will provide up to £100,000 towards costs for trained claims handlers to recover uninsured losses following an accident. We will cover claims as long as the legal team believe you can win your case.

Our trained claims handlers seek recovery for any uninsured losses from a third party such as:
  • Any excess you may be required to pay as part of a claim
  • Travelling expenses
  • Loss of earnings
  • Compensation for personal injury.
With Legal Protection you can also benefit from:
  • Unlimited access to motoring legal advice
  • Cover if you need to take legal action, or defend an appeal, against a motor trader in a dispute involving the purchase, servicing, or repair of your vehicle
  • The option of a two-hour driver confidence course to help you get back in the driving seat if you have suffered an injury as a result of an accident in your car.

Our Comprehensive Saga Car Insurance policy includes a replacement car as standard if an approved repairer is repairing your car following an accident in the UK.

We can also offer you a replacement car if yours is stolen or written off - keeping you mobile and giving you time to find and purchase a new vehicle.

Up to £50,000 for you or your named partner if you suffer a serious injury following an accident involving your vehicle.

Regardless of whose fault it is, if you are seriously injured as a result of an accident involving your car, our Comprehensive policy includes up to £5,000 compensation for selected serious injuries as standard.

For just £16.50 a year our Increased Personal Accident extends cover to £50,000, covers a wider range of injuries, and includes a benefit of £200 per night for hospitalisation (for up to 10 nights).