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Car insurance additional cover options

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Additional cover options

In addition to the benefits which come as standard with our car insurance, we also offer a range of additional cover options.

To help keep you on the road, Saga Breakdown Assistance can be added to your policy at a discounted rate. It offers reliable UK-wide breakdown cover 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and, with a range of cover levels, you can choose the cover that’s right for you:

  • Essential – Roadside repair, or recovery to the nearest garage plus reimbursement of taxi costs to take you and your passengers up to 20 miles*
  • Home Call – Repair at home or roadside, or recovery to the nearest garage plus reimbursement of taxi costs to take you and your passengers up to 20 miles
  • National Recovery – Roadside repair, or recovery to your home or a garage anywhere in the UK*
  • Comprehensive – Repair at home or roadside, or recovery of your car, you and your passengers to your home or a garage anywhere in the UK, hire car or overnight accommodation
  • Premier – All the above, plus cover for roadside repair and recovery in 55 countries and territories in Europe, and transport to your holiday departure point if you break down en route and we are unable to fix your car. Plus, if your car breaks down within 24 hours of your planned departure date in the UK, we'll arrange a hire car for up to 14 days so you can proceed with your trip.
  • ​Please note ​ - Our European breakdown service is operating with restrictions due to the steps other countries have taken. We’ll do our very best to help if you’re abroad and break down, but it may become very difficult or impossible to provide roadside service in some countries.

    Anyone thinking of driving to Europe should check The Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office website which is currently advising against all non-essential travel worldwide.

Saga's range of insurance products is designed specifically for our customers and is unique to us. Saga Essential, Home Call and National Recovery Breakdown Assistance is provided by RAC Motoring Services. Saga Comprehensive, Premier, Motorhome Assistance and Motorhome Assistance Plus Breakdown Assistance is provided by RAC Motoring Services and RAC Insurance Limited.

*When breakdown occurs at least 1/4 mile from home address.

Legal Protection comes as standard with our Saga Plus cover level, but can also be added to a Saga Select policy at any time, view more information on our car insurance cover levels.

If you are involved in an accident that's not your fault and was caused by a known insured third party, we will provide up to £100,000 towards costs for trained claims handlers to recover uninsured losses following an accident in the UK. We will cover claims as long as the legal team believe you can win your case.

Our trained claims handlers seek recovery for any uninsured losses from a third party such as:

  • Travelling expenses
  • Loss of earnings
  • Compensation for personal injury.

With Legal Protection you can also benefit from:

  • Unlimited access to motoring legal advice for you and your family via our 24-hour confidential helpline
  • Cover if you need to take legal action, or defend an appeal, against a motor trader in a dispute involving the purchase, servicing, or repair of your vehicle
  • The option of four hours of driver confidence coaching to be taken as agreed between you and the instructor if you need a confidence boost – whatever the reason
  • Up to £10,000 of legal costs in respect of any legal claim to pursue the recovery of illegal clamping or towing fees relating to your vehicle.

Saga Legal Protection is arranged and administered by Arc Legal Assistance Ltd and underwritten by by AmTrust Europe Limited.

Our Comprehensive policies include a replacement car as standard if an approved repairer is repairing your car following an accident in the UK.

For an additional cost you can add Replacement Car Extension to your policy. With this cover we can also offer you a replacement car if yours is stolen or written off - keeping you mobile and giving you time to find and purchase a new vehicle.

We also include a £100 cash benefit, which could help towards things like replacement car delivery costs or pre-purchase vehicle inspections. There are no restrictions on what you choose to spend the money on though; the pay-out is automatic and there’s no need to send in any receipts.

Saga Replacement Car Extension is provided by Acromas Insurance Company Limited, which meets our high standards of quality and service.

Regardless of whose fault it is, if you or your named spouse/domestic partner are seriously injured as a result of an accident involving your car, our Comprehensive policies include £5,000 compensation for selected serious injuries as standard.

Increased Personal Accident extends cover for serious injuries or accidental death from £5,000 up to £50,000 per person. Although it’s unlikely you'll ever need to make a claim, if the worst does happen the benefit paid out could be substantial and help to compensate for things like loss of earnings, making adjustments to your home, or even just to help paying for things like taxis to medical appointments.

In addition, this optional extra also includes cover for a wide range of smaller injuries, such as a broken wrist, ankle or nose. Emergency dental treatment is also covered, as is counselling therapy, and you even get £300 if you spend a night in hospital, with £200 for each consecutive night, up to a total of 14.

Family members in your vehicle are also covered, and you and your named spouse/partner are even covered when driving borrowed vehicles.

Examples of the benefits provided under Increased Personal Accident cover:

What's covered Benefit amount
Accidental death £50,000 (£25,000 for a child)
Permanent total disablement £50,000
Loss of limb – one or more £50,000
Loss of sight £50,000
Loss of, or permanent total and irrecoverable loss of us of one hand or one foot £10,000
Total and irrecoverable loss of use of the spleen £2,500
A fractured pelvis £500
A fractured collarbone £250
Facial scarring £500
Third-degree burns £2,500
Counselling therapy Up to £250

Increased Personal Accident cover is arranged and administered by Arc Legal Assistance Ltd and underwritten by by AmTrust Europe Limited.

Key Protection is new for November 2021. It's included with Saga Plus and an optional extra for Saga Select.

We'll cover up to £2,500 per claim and, with us, you even get up to £50 for wear and tear. You won't have to pay an excess and your No Claim Discount won't be affected.

Key Protection covers a wide variety of scenarios, from loss, theft and accidental damage to keys locked inside a car or house, or keys stuck in locks. Our specialist locksmiths are on-hand to help 365 days a year throughout the day and night. They carry 100s of picks enabling them to gain entry to all sorts of cars.

The average time to attend and gain access is 72 minutes. This includes all customers, so those with an immediate need, for example a child locked in a car, and those who aren't in a hurry, for example, they're out and ask the locksmith to attend when they're due home.

The locksmiths are also able to cut new keys on site from scratch or copy spare keys if available, saving you the time and effort of ordering new keys from a dealership. Our locksmiths can also dismantle locks and replace them on site with keys cut to fit, and they use specialist extraction tools to ensure no further damage is caused if a key is stuck in a lock.

We’re also able to arrange overnight accommodation and onward travel if you can't use your car.

Key Protection is underwritten by Alwyn Insurance Company Limited and administerered by Soter Professional Services.