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Holiday home insurance

From 1st December 2018, Saga no longer offer holiday home insurance abroad.

Tips and advice

We've compiled a list of tips for making sure your holiday home remains as safe as can be all year round.

  • Consider buying an alarm for your property
  • Consider security grills for doors and windows. This is often a good way to enable you to leave doors and windows open while you are occupying the property without posing a security risk, as your locked grills prevent unwanted access
  • Turn off electricity whenever your property is vacant for some time. Power cuts are more common in Spain than the UK and sometimes appliances may not switch themselves back on.
  • When turning off the electricity, ensure your alarm is on a separate circuit and is not affected
  • Turn off the water at the mains whenever your property is vacant for some time
  • Leave wardrobe doors slightly open. Humidity can result in mildew growth if there is no air circulation and this can damage clothing
  • Consider diverting your post or asking somebody to check it for you. If your letterbox or post box is seen to fill up, this can advertise the fact that your property is empty
  • Don't leave valuable items on show if windows or doors are open or ajar
  • Don't do anything that you wouldn't do in the UK. For example even if you just pop out for a swim or to see your neighbour, lock and secure your property correctly.