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Home insurance

Feel happier at home protected by home insurance for people over 50.
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Defaqto Expert Rated 5 Star 2014 to 2021

Protect your home with 3-year fixed price Saga Home Insurance

When you’ve spent time and care making a house a home, you want to be sure it’s protected from anything that could go wrong. Getting the right level of home insurance is important to keep your home and belongings safe against the unexpected happening.

What is home insurance?

Home insurance, or house insurance, protects your home and belongings against damage, theft and loss so you have the cover you need if you have to repair or rebuild your home or replace its contents.

What type of home insurance do you need?

Home insurance is made up of two types of insurance:

  • Buildings insurance – protection for the physical structure of your home, like the roof and walls, and permanent fixtures and fittings, like doors and windows. It covers the cost of repairing or rebuilding your home.
  • Contents insurance – protection for your personal possessions, like your furniture or TV. It covers against loss, theft or damage, usually in your home and when you’re out and about too.

You can buy separate policies for each of these, or you can buy a combined buildings and contents policy.

What does home insurance cover?

Saga offers two levels of cover, both with the same great level of service.

Saga Plus

Three year fixed price home insurance with added extras
  • A 3-year fixed price – so your price won't go up for three years. You can make changes to your policy whenever you need to (although this could affect your premium), and you don't have to renew if you don't want to. (T&Cs apply).
  • Claims promise - most claims won't affect your fixed price*.

*Based on claims made in 2019 and 2020.

  • No cancellation fee - if you cancel during the year we won't charge you a cancellation fee.
  • Accidental damage – for any mishaps at home, like sitting on your glasses or staining the carpet.
  • Personal belongings cover – protect precious items when you’re away from home — anywhere in the world (only with contents cover).
  • Matching sets cover – if something that’s part of a set gets broken (like your bathroom sink for example), if we can’t repair or replace it to match, we’ll replace the whole set.
  • Garden cover – up to £5,000 to cover garden contents, including lawn furniture, children's play equipment, flowers and shrubs.
  • Student cover – protects the belongings your child takes with them to their term-time residence.

Want to know more about Saga Plus home insurance? Get a quote

Saga Select

Our no-nonsense cover

Don't need that much cover? We also offer Saga Select. Whilst it doesn’t come with our 3-year fixed price or the full range of features available on Saga Plus, it is still 5-Star Defaqto rated and you can still choose to include accidental damage and cover for personal belongings away from home if you need them.

Not sure which one to choose?

Use the home insurance comparison chart below to compare our two policies and decide which one best suits your needs.

Cover and benefits Saga Select Saga Plus
3-year fixed price - ​you can expect to pay the same price for 3 years if there are no changes, even after most claims - based on claims made in 2019 and 2020 (T&Cs apply) No Yes
Up to £1 million cover for buildings and up to £100,000 for contents Yes Yes
Accidental damage cover in the home for example if you stain your sofa or leave a hot pan on a worktop Optional Yes
Personal belongings cover for items away from home like mobile phones and tablets (up to £10,000 per event with a single item limit of £2,500) Optional Yes
New for old replacement of items Yes Yes
No need to add single items worth less than £2,500 (like jewellery and paintings kept at home) to the policy Yes Yes
Trace, access and repair of water and oil leaks (buildings cover only) Up to £5,000 Up to sum insured
Replacement of matching pairs or sets of items like earrings or three-piece suites (if we can’t repair or replace individual items to match) No Yes

If you need higher cover limits (more than £100,000 for your contents or £1 million for your buildings insurance), have a look at Saga TailorMade Home Insurance.

Our policies are underwritten by several different insurers. We handpick these companies very carefully, and make sure they have the same high standards of quality and service as we do. If you buy a policy from us you’ll see the name of the underwriter(s) in your policy documents.

What doesn’t home insurance cover?

The level of cover you get will depend on the home insurance policy you choose, so you should always read your policy documentation carefully. However, there are a few things that are generally excluded.

These include:

  • Loss or damage caused by wear and tear
  • Damage caused by structural changes, structural repairs or demolition
  • Issues arising from faulty workmanship, design or using faulty materials
  • Vandalism by you or anyone lawfully in your home
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns

What factors affect your home insurance premiums?

Home insurance premiums are calculated using factors that are specific to you and your area, as well as general trends in the UK.

Factors that are specific to you and your area include:

  • Where you live – public information about your post code is used to rate your address and give you a price. We look at previous average claim costs and what future claims we might expect in your area.
  • What you live in –your price will be affected by the type of property you are looking to insure. We look at factors such as number of bedrooms, age, build materials, and who lives there with you.
  • Your claims history – we look at any claims over the last 5 years.

Factors outside our control include:

  • The cost of our claims – insurance companies must meet the full cost of any valid home insurance claims, including the labour costs and parts and materials. That means that any economic changes, like the cost of building materials increasing, means the cost of paying claims does too. This can result in higher premiums.
  • Severe weather – if there is an increase in the number of storm or flood claims due to bad weather, this can result in higher premiums.
  • Fraud – fraudulent insurance claims cost insurance companies money and so may add to the cost of everyone’s insurance.
  • Taxes – including extra costs such as Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) means you may see a higher premium, or if these costs reduce, a lower one.

Why do you need home insurance?

Home insurance provides peace of mind by shielding you from costs you would otherwise have to pay when there is a sudden and unexpected event or accident. It isn’t a legal requirement to have home insurance in the UK, but if your property has a mortgage against it then the mortgage provider will usually require you to have buildings insurance.

If you own your home outright, it’s still a good idea to have house insurance in place to guard against unexpected costs. And if you’re buying a new home you should have cover in place when you exchange contracts.

The benefits of home insurance mean that you will be covered for what can be very high costs if your home is damaged or its contents stolen.

Why choose Saga for home insurance?

Our home insurance is provided by a number of insurers who all meet our high standards of quality and service. We have achieved a Defaqto 5-Star Rating for seven years in a row. Defaqto’s independent star rating system aims to help customers identify where a product sits in the marketplace in terms of features, quality and comprehensiveness, and we sit at the top of their ratings.

We’re really proud of our Defaqto 5-Star home insurance. And our customers love it too – they voted us best home insurance provider at the Insurance Choice Awards for two years running (the only independent insurance awards).

We were also recognised at the 2021 Consumer Intelligence Awards where we’re pleased to say that our home insurance won in three categories (customer trust, claims satisfaction and customer satisfaction).

And you can also read real reviews from real customers on Trustpilot:

Our Trustpilot score is based solely on customer reviews. It's a combined score for all our products.

What details do I need to get a home insurance quote?

At Saga we keep our quote process as simple as possible and we can give you an online quote in just a few minutes.

Before you start, you’ll need to have the following information:

  • Your full address, postcode and details of the property you want to insure, including roughly when it was built (we don't need the exact year) and number of bedrooms
  • Any history of subsidence, ground heave, landslip, or flooding
  • Details of any claims made in the last 5 years by anyone living at the property
  • An idea of how much cover you require for the building, contents, and personal belongings
  • When you want the cover to start

Once you’ve completed the form you’ll see quotes for our two levels of cover, Saga Plus and Saga Select, with all the features we offer so that you can make the best choice for the home insurance coverage you need.

Want to know more? Get a quote

Home insurance FAQs

A roof can be damaged by old age, poor maintenance, or storm damage, so whether your home insurance covers damage from leaks really depends on what caused the damage and what’s in your policy documentation. If a leak is caused by sudden damage from a storm or a fallen tree, then you’re likely to be covered. But if the damage is a result of wear and tear or old age, you will not be covered.

If the damage to your roof is found to be caused by wear and tear, your insurance will not cover the repair of the roof, however, if you have selected accidental damage cover (included as standard in our Saga Plus cover level), then any subsequent internal water damage may be covered.

Saga Plus and Saga Select policies cover loss or damage caused by falling trees, branches, lampposts, telegraph poles, electricity pylons, poles or overhead cables, when they are a direct cause of a roof leak, to the insured amount.

We know that loss, damage or theft of your possessions can happen at any time, which is why our Personal Belongings Cover protects your personal possessions anywhere in the world.

You can choose to add cover up to £2,500, £5,000 or £10,000 per incident. Whether it’s an iPad left on a train, dropping your mobile phone on the floor or having your camera stolen on holiday, you can claim for a replacement.

Personal Belongings Cover is included as standard in our Saga Plus cover level but can be added to your Saga Select policy at any time by calling 0800 056 9102.

Our contents insurance is designed to offer cover for your personal possessions and any damage you are liable for as a tenant. For more information, please see our renters insurance page.

If you are renting your property, it’s normally the responsibility of your landlord to purchase buildings insurance, which covers the structure of your home and outbuildings, as well as things like built-in appliances and bathroom fixtures.

Our home insurance might be able to cover you if you have significant building works planned like an extension or loft conversion, but you'll need to tell us in advance and there will be additional terms applied. Smaller projects involving plumbing or electrical work also need to be mentioned to us in advance. You don't need to tell us about routine work, like painting and decorating or general maintenance, unless scaffolding is required.

Saga Plus and Saga Select policies do not cover you for accidental damage due to demolition, structural alterations or structural repairs to your home, or due to faulty design or workmanship or using faulty materials.

If you’re looking beyond our standard home insurance and need cover for over £1 million buildings or over £100,000 contents, our Saga TailorMade Home Insurance can provide higher levels of cover as well as many great features and benefits, such as worldwide cover for your valuables and accidental damage as standard.

Please see Saga TailorMade Home Insurance for more information and to get a quote. You can also call our specialist TailorMade team on 0800 096 3251.