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3-year fixed price home insurance from Saga

Defaqto expert rated 2014-2020 five stars

3-year fixed price cover

With our fixed price cover level, if nothing changes over the next three years, neither will the cost of your home insurance

How does Saga’s 3-year fixed price home insurance work?

Saga’s 3-year fixed price is a benefit of our Saga Home cover level. You’ll get a comprehensive policy that covers you for buildings, contents, or both with excellent features, such as accidental damage cover, included as standard — plus the additional benefit of knowing your price is fixed for three years!

We’ll fix the price of your policy and any additional cover options added at the start. The price will only change if one or more of the following happens:

  • You make any changes to your policy
  • You make a claim
  • The rate of Insurance Premium Tax changes.

    Please see the bottom of the page for full 3-year fixed price T&Cs.

    Check your price.

    Is Saga Home a three-year insurance policy?

    No, your Saga Home insurance will run for 12 months at a time. Towards the end of the year, you’ll receive an invitation to renew. If you haven’t had a claim or made any changes, your price for this year will be the same as the last. If you’re happy with all the details, you’ll be able to easily renew your fixed price home insurance policy online or by telephone.

    Fixed price cover with no ties

    You’re not tied into your Saga policy for the full three years. Whether you choose to stay with us when it’s time to renew is entirely up to you.

    Is 3-year fixed price home insurance a good deal?

    If you choose our Saga Home cover level, your price will be fixed for three years. This means that you can choose to stay with us for three years, if you wish, safe in the knowledge that your home is covered. You’ll be protected against price increases due to market changes and saved from any surprises when it’s time to renew. You are, of course, free to shop around each year at renewal – you’re not tied in.

    When comparing home insurance policies, it’s important to look at the cover in detail not just the price. The cheapest option might not fit your needs and you won’t necessarily find out until you need to make a claim.

    What is covered by the Saga Home policy?

    Saga Home is our top cover level and includes all the bells and whistles that are usually optional extras on other policies, including accidental damage, cover for personal belongings outside the home (such as mobile phones), damage caused by pets, and matching set replacement (this includes important matching items such as your kitchen cupboards and bathroom suite).

    For a quick comparison view our table which compares Saga Essential with Saga Home or for full details please see the policy book.

    What happens if I move house?

    If you move house during the three years, you’ll need to let us know. The price of your home insurance will need to be recalculated and then this price will be fixed for the remaining time of your 3-year fixed price insurance.

    With both our buildings and contents cover, your new home will be covered for the time between exchanging contracts (or concluding the missives in Scotland) until you move in, as long as it’s within eight weeks. Please contact us on 0800 056 9060 to arrange this cover prior to exchanging contracts on your new home.

    What our customers think of our 3-year fixed price insurance

    3-year fixed price terms and conditions

    1. The term of your 3-year fixed price feature begins on your policy start date and is subject to you renewing annually.
    2. Your total price (including the price of any additional cover options) will be fixed for two consecutive renewals subject to the following Terms and Conditions.
    3. The price of your insurance will change over the three years if:
      • There is a change to Insurance Premium Tax (IPT). Any change in IPT will be included in your insurance renewal price following the change and for the remaining renewal periods.
      • You make any changes to your policy. Any change in your insurance price will come into effect at the time you make the change and will apply for the remaining renewal periods. Please check your Policy Book for information on ‘Changes to your policy details or cover’.
      • You make a claim or receive a conviction. Your insurance price will change at the next renewal after the claim or conviction.
    4. Your insurance cover will be provided subject to the terms of the Policy Book, the Schedule and any endorsements to the Policy Book. We may change the policy wording at any time and any changes will be communicated to you in writing.
    5. Underwriting criteria apply at the time you take out your cover and for the 3-year fixed price term. Acceptance or underwriting criteria may change at any time, which could result in us being unable to offer you cover either when you make a change to your policy or at renewal. Should the underwriting criteria change meaning that your price would be lower than the fixed price, then the lower price would apply for the remaining term.
    6. 3-year fixed price feature is not available with Saga Essential.