What actually is accidental damage?

Accidental damage is defined as unexpected and unintended damage caused by sudden means. In other words, something in your home being damaged suddenly and unexpectedly.

This could be something like accidentally knocking your TV off its stand while doing the vacuuming or dropping an open jar of beetroot onto your cream carpet.

With many insurers, accidental damage is an optional extra, but each of our levels of home insurance includes some accidental damage cover as standard.

Types of accidental damage cover

You can have accidental damage cover on either or both your Buildings and Contents insurance, covering your fixtures and fittings and/or the contents of your home. To find out what level of accidental damage cover you have, check your home insurance policy schedule.

Buildings accidental damage cover

Accidental damage cover as part of your Buildings insurance covers things like a neighbour’s child kicking a ball through your window, damage to your bathroom sink and accidentally putting your foot through the ceiling while in your loft.

It won't cover bad workmanship, for example a plumber fitting your new bathroom incorrectly and causing a leak, neither will it cover wear and tear.

Most policies don’t cover damage caused by pets, however with our Premier cover, this is included as standard.

What does it include?

Situation Essential Premier
Cables, underground pipes and tanks servicing your home, which are your responsibility

Fixed glass in windows, doors, solar panels, fanlights and skylights in your buildings

Mirrors in permanent fixtures and fittings

Sanitary fixtures in your home

Cooking hobs in fixed appliances

Putting your foot through a ceiling
Nailing through a pipe
Damage caused to walls when moving furniture around
Leaving a hot pan on a worktop causing damage
Loss or damage caused by scratching or denting

Loss or damage caused by domestic pets


Contents accidental damage cover

Accidental damage cover with Contents insurance helps to protect your belongings whilst inside, and sometimes outside, the home. It covers incidents such as your TV being knocked off its stand and broken, the plate glass top of your dressing table being smashed or spilling coffee over your sofa. 

What does it include?

Situation Essential Premier
Mirrors, plate glass tops to furniture and fixed glass in furniture

Domestic electrical or gas equipment or appliances, such as televisions, which are not designed to be portable

Cooking hobs or tops on free-standing cookers

Visitor’s personal belongings whilst in your home

Loss or damage to medical equipment on loan

Everyday mishaps such as spillages and breakages
Laptops, netbooks and computer tablets
You stand on your hearing aid and it stops working
Damage caused by pets


What wouldn’t be covered with accidental damage cover for either contents or buildings?

Accidental damage cover is designed to cover just that, damage that is accidental. Your cover does not extend to damage caused by wear and tear or has happened over time. It also doesn’t cover damage that was not accidental, so caused by a malicious act or vandalism.

You also wouldn’t be covered if any part of your home was being used for paying guests or sublet, or if your home was unoccupied or unfurnished at the time of the damage.

You should also be aware that you wouldn’t be covered against accidental damage if the damage was caused by

  • Insects, parasites or vermin (other than squirrels)
  • Alterations, repairs, maintenance, restoration, dismantling or renovating
  • Any process of cleaning, drying, dyeing, heating or washing
  • Fungus or mildew
  • Atmospheric or climatic conditions, frost or the action of light
  • Demolition, structural alterations or structural repairs
  • Mechanical or electrical breakdowns or failure.
For more information on what is and is not covered under accidental damage, check your Saga Home Insurance policy booklet

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