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The United States should be at the top of any travellers’ list of destinations; with a variety of different climates, landscapes and cultures, it would take a lot more than just one trip to benefit from the full range of holiday experiences on offer across the pond.


For those who want a taste of the big city, the nearest port of call has to be New York City – ‘the city that never sleeps’. For fine dining, big-name stage shows and a wealth of shopping, you can’t beat The Big Apple. Between New York and the bright lights of Los Angeles on the west coast, the likes of Chicago, Houston and Phoenix should also make the list if cosmopolitan culture is your thing.


In terms of scenery, you need only witness the spectacle of Arizona’s Grand Canyon to appreciate what the States has to offer. Almost 280 miles long and a mile deep, the intrinsic rock formations have provided geologists with decades’ worth of fascinating study. For a man-made marvel, consider a trip to Pennington County in South Dakota to gaze upon the historical icons carved into Mount Rushmore.


And for those who simply want some sun and fun in their trip, Florida offers many world-famous theme parks and beaches, while California has a bit of everything in between. Because of the country’s sheer size, you’d need to book an extended period of time in the country if you wanted to sample more than one way of American life – and making sure that you can get sufficient cover from your travel insurance in the USA is a must, too. While a trip of any decent length can become costly, it’s well worth saving up for – but in order to avoid the risk of even further financial losses, you should consider getting travel insurance for a USA trip before you travel.

USA healthcare costs

One of the main differences between UK and US healthcare is that, while the UK government subsidises costs under the NHS, Americans can only hope to save if they have a decent healthcare plan.

With that in mind the basic costs of medical care in the US can be huge. Without travel insurance to help cover the costs you would be liable for the full payment of that expensive medical bill.

While you may not envisage taking the sort of daredevil trip that could result in injury, it’s always best to ensure that such circumstances won’t affect you financially if the worst should happen.

If you are over 50, Saga Travel Insurance can help you provide the relevant information, deal with doctors, and help you return home earlier or later than expected should it be required due to injury or illness.

Taking out travel insurance can help you prepare for any unforeseen health complications. Even if you suffer from any pre-existing medical condition you don’t need to put off the trip – just be sure to let us know by either calling us on 0800 015 8055, or alternatively get a quote online.

Saga’s range of insurance products is designed specifically for our customers and is unique to us. Saga Travel Insurance is underwritten by Great Lakes Insurance SE, UK Branch, which meets our high standards of quality and service. 

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