Saga Trip Planner

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Saga's new trip planner is designed to help you organise all those things you need to get your holiday off to a flying start – and save you money at the same time. It’s free and easy to use - just enter your departure date, then select your airline and flight number, or your point of departure if you are going on a cruise.

Special offers for Saga customers

Zero-commission currency and exclusive discounts on car hire abroad, airport parking, airport hotels and airport lounges.

Need-to-knows before you go

Your luggage allowance, your departure terminal, your mobile roaming charges and directions to the airport – the things you need to know before you go are here. Plus, our packing list has helpful suggestions on what to take.

Fun at your fingertips

What to do, where to eat, where to drink - we’ve got information on attractions, restaurants and bars at your destination.

A holiday countdown so you can see just how close it’s getting!

What’s almost as good as the holiday? Counting down the days till you go! Our holiday countdown lets you see just how close your break is getting, down to the last second! Plus, you can check the weather so you know whether to expect sun or snow.

It’s so easy to use - just go to the Saga Trip Planner website and enter your departure date, then select your airline, destination and flight number.