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Why choose Saga Travel Insurance?

Find out how our travel insurance goes further than you might expect.

20% average online discount*

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Why choose Saga Travel Insurance?

Booked your trip and thinking about travel insurance? When you’re looking to compare travel insurance, don’t settle for less.

Saga’s Defaqto 5 Star rated travel insurance includes much more than the basics, as standard. We go above and beyond to ensure you can travel with confidence.

What’s included with Saga Travel Insurance

Visit our to find out more about what’s included with our policies.

Additional features of Saga Travel Insurance that are included as standard

In addition to the cover features that you might expect from your travel insurance, Saga provides so much more so that you can travel with complete confidence:

Substitute accommodation

If you need to move to different accommodation at any time during the trip because your booked accommodation becomes unusable, due to:

  • Natural disaster such as an earthquake or hurricane; or
  • Insolvency of the providers of your accommodation; or
  • An outbreak of food poisoning or infectious disease.
  • You can claim up to £5,000 to cover additional accommodation and transport costs incurred.

    End Supplier Failure

    We will cover you for costs up to £1,500 to replace your flight tickets should your scheduled airline become insolvent before or after departure.

    Enforced stay

    If you can’t reach your destination, return to your pre-booked accommodation or return home, you can claim £100 for every complete 24-hour period, up to a maximum of £1,500.

    Or, if after 24 hours it becomes necessary to make alternative arrangements to get to your destination or return home, such as due to airspace or port closure, you can claim up to £1,000 to cover necessary additional travel expenses.

    Missed departure

    If you arrive at your final departure point too late to board the ship, plane or train that you’re booked to travel on, we will cover you for the extra accommodation and travel costs you’ll have to pay to reach your final destination. Your reason for lateness must be due to:

    • Failure of scheduled public transport services, such as train cancellations; or
    • Delay to a connecting scheduled flight; or
    • Being involuntarily denied boarding onto your flight (because it was overbooked); or
    • The vehicle you were travelling in to reach your departure point broke down or was involved in an accident.


    If you have to abandon your trip due to unforeseen circumstances outside of your control, we will cover you for up to £10,000 to pay for any irrecoverable unused travel and accommodation (including pre-paid excursions), and other pre-paid charges.

    Your Saga Travel Insurance policy would also cover you for any additional travel expenses, such as a new flight ticket home.

    More information on what to do in cases of travel disruption.

    Insurance can be complicated. Visit our frequently asked questions page for some helpful answers to commonly asked questions.

    Saga travel assistance helpline

    Our Travel Assistance service is there to help you and provide 24-hour worldwide support including:

    • How to replace lost or stolen passports, driving licences, air tickets, or other travel documents
    • How to trace your luggage if it is lost or delayed
    • Why, how, where and when you should contract local embassies or consulates
    • How to transfer money from the UK if you need it
    • Guidance for you and relatives, friends or employers if you are unfortunately enough to go into hospital plus a ‘phone home’ service
    • A translation and interpretation service if you need it.

    A fast, efficient claims service

    We hope your holiday goes without a hitch and you don’t have to make a claim, but if you do:

    • You’ll only pay one excess for your whole claim. This means that if your claim involves multiple sections of your policy – such as missed departure, baggage and medical treatment – you will only need to pay the excess once
    • All our claims advisers are based in the UK and there are no automated telephone menus
    • We aim to ensure that every claim is dealt with quickly and with minimum fuss.

    Find out more about our claims process.

    Visit our reviews page to see what customers have been saying about our cover and customer service.