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10 delicious ideas for savoury pancake fillings

03 February 2016 ( 05 February 2021 )

Pancake Day needn't just be about the sugary fillings, there are also some delicious savoury filling and topping ideas around. Try one of these for a perfect pancake dinner.

Butternut squash and stilton pancake
Butternut squash and stilton pancake

Butternut squash and stilton pancake

Butternut squash and Stilton

Try this rich and creamy vegetarian pancake filling of sautéd butternut squash and crumbled Stilton baked in the oven until crisp and golden. It’s so quick and easy to make why limit it to Shrove Tuesday?

Recipe: butternut squash and Stilton pancakes

Mexican pancake stack

Mexican pancake stack

This filling Mexican savoury pancake makes a great meal, and it's easy to prepare too. Cook 8 pancakes, and then stack with layers of spicy beans and vegetables with egg and cheese, then bake in the oven for 25 minutes.

Recipe: Mexican pancake stack

Chorizo and pulled pork pancakes

Chorizo and pulled pork

A coriander-flavoured pancake topped with slow-cooked spicy tomato sauce with chorizo and pulled pork. It might take a little while for the filling to cook but it’s worth the wait.

Recipe: chorizo and pulled pork pancakes

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Garlic, mushroom and brie pancakes

Garlic, mushroom and brie

A delicious and quick savoury filling of garlic-fried mushrooms in a white wine sauce. This savoury pancake topping is perfect for when time is tight.

Recipe: garlic, mushroom and brie pancakes

Savoury herb pancakes with Gruyere cheese, broccoli and shallots recipe

Broccoli and Gruyere

This savoury herby pancake batter has a lovely mix of parsley, chives and chervil in the mixture. It’s then stuffed with a gorgeous mixture of broccoli, béchamel sauce and oozing gruyere cheese.

Recipe: broccoli and Gruyere pancakes

Colcannon with bacon pancakes

Colcannon with bacon

Colcannon is a traditional Irish meal of buttery mashed potatoes with kale or cabbage. This pancake filling version is made by lightly frying bacon, cabbage and onion in butter, then grilling the cheese-topped rolled pancakes until the cheese melts.

Recipe: colcannon with bacon pancakes

Spinach and ricotta pancakes

Spinach and ricotta

This classic combination of spinach and ricotta makes a lovely and easy vegetarian savoury pancake filling, a kind of pancake version of cannelloni, and it's so quick and easy to throw together. Just boil up the spinach, drain and mix with ricotta and nutmeg for a lovely creamy filling. You could even bake the rolled pancakes in the oven to create Italian crespelle pancakes.

Recipe: spinach and ricotta pancakes

Smoked haddock pancakes

Souffléd smoked haddock pancakes

This tasty, flaky smoked haddock filling is a particularly lavish filling and sure to impress. 

Recipe: souffléd smoked haddock pancakes

Leek and oat pancakes

Leek and oat pancakes

If you prefer a thicker, American-style pancake to a thin crepe-style pancake this is for you. The slow-release energy from the oats make these savoury pancakes an ideal brunch or lunch. Try them with a fried egg if you want to make it a more substantial meal.

Recipe: leek and oat pancakes

Spinach and dill pancakes with smoked salmon and poached egg

Spinach and dill pancakes with smoked salmon and poached egg

This tasty savoury pancake recipe is another option for those preferring American-style pancakes. These deliciously herby pancakes are topped with smoked salmon and poached egg packs almost 20g of protein.

Recipe: spinach and dill pancakes with smoked salmon and poached egg

For even more delicious pancake fillings, both sweet and savoury, see our pancake recipe collection

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