Diet bores

Judith Wills / 25 July 2014

Diet and wellbeing blogger Judith Wills questions how boring the 'diet bores' are and wonders whether she would be categorised as one.

I was surprised to read the results of a study into women's relationship with food, healthy eating and dieting. The study has found that half of women on a health regime admit they bang on about it to their friends.

Only half? I'm amazed. You only have to sit behind a couple of women friends on a train or bus, or get stuck near a group of females in a cafe or anywhere in fact, and wait a few seconds before they begin discussing either their diets, their weight, their lack of willpower or similar.

The study calls all that chat boring – but it's a topic that enthralls the participants, both those talking and those listening, every time. Nearly as much as, say the latest debate on interest rates in the Commons, or the strange goings on in the footsie 100.

I don't think I'm being sexist - men just don't seem to talk that much about food fads, waist measurements and so on, like we women do. They seem to prefer to just get on and do it, and bask in the admiration when they get there, all slim and toned, and pretending they didn't put that much effort into it at all, really. While women want affirmation, sympathy and plenty of support along the way.

The only types of female diet 'bore' who really are tedious, in my view, are the ones (maybe Gwyneth Paltrow comes to mind here, again) who read the riot act if you so much as look at anything processed or with sugar in it, and come round for a meal and sit there with their own bag of edamame beans and won't touch anything you've slaved over all day. Chatting is one thing, being told off and made to feel like a slob is bang out of order.

I'm not surprised that the survey found that a third of the women questioned tended to avoid friends on a strict diet as they were made to feel guilty themselves by said friend.

I'm not sure how anyone would categorise me. I am (or was) a 'diet' expert. Latterly I became a diet expert who became quite fat. Then I became a diet expert who actually loves food. Now I am not sure what I am. I do know a lot about how to lose weight, but I do definitely love food. And when I'm in a group of women, I actually never ever start a conversation on the topic of diet or healthy eating. But for sure, someone else will, even if they have no idea it's what I do for work.

All of which leads me to one final thing to tell you. Two weeks ago, Husband gave up drinking alcohol. Just like that, without warning and just after I'd ordered two cases of decent wine online.

He said it was to see if he felt better and if his blood pressure would go down. Yes he does and yes it did. And thus he continues. And believe me, if there's one thing worse than a diet bore, it's a teetotal bore. I'm sitting here pondering on leaving home, and surfing the internet for one-bedroom apartments in Ludlow (great foodie town that it is). And as I do so, I'm sipping a nice glass of Picpoul de Pinet.

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