Defuse your rage

Don't let everyday incidents or trivial events provoke irrational anger. Take a deep breath instead and follow our anger-defusing guide.

Breathe easy

You should also try to relax your muscles; just unclenching your fists or relaxing your jaw can help to calm you down. The following breathing technique is also worth a try:

Let the anxiety drain out of your body with deep breaths - close your eyes, breathe deeply and imagine the tension draining away from your head, through your body and out through your feet, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

Distract yourself

Keep a funny or relaxing tape in the car and play it in those tense traffic jam moments. If that doesn't work and you still feel anger rising, pull into the side and try talking to yourself to calm you down. Wait until the feelings of rage have subsided before pulling out again.

Visualise it

If you're stuck in a situation you can do nothing about, try to relax into it rather than fighting against it. Instead of thinking, 'This is awful, I don't want to be here', start visualising something pleasant.

Remember a place you really enjoyed being in. Close your eyes, take a few breaths and picture yourself there, savouring the beauty. Try repeating some positive affirmation to yourself such as: 'I feel relaxed and everything is all right'. Who knows - it might just do the trick.

Soothe it

Let the gentle powers of soothing, sweet essential oils get to work on releasing pent-up tension. Before going on a long journey or if you think traffic jams could be round the corner, put a couple of drops of pure essential lavender oil on a tissue and pop it in your bag, pocket or somewhere where you can pull it out quickly in stressful moments.

Sniffing it from time to time can work wonders when it comes to diffusing tension or putting a stop to irritating thoughts or feelings.

Rescue Remedy is made from a combination of five Bach Flower remedies.

  • Impatiens for impatience
  • Clematis for lack of interest in the present or dreaminess
  • Rock Rose for terror
  • Cherry Plum for loss of self-control
  • Star of Bethlehem for the after-effects of shock

At the first sign of any raging feeling, a few drops placed under your tongue should quickly calm you down. If feelings continue repeat at regular intervals.

Supplement it

Calcium and magnesium have an anti-adrenaline effect, so they're perfect supplements for calming you down.

Keep a calcium/magnesium supplement in your bag and take as necessary. Another supplement with soothing properties is valerian. Sometimes known as the herbal Valium, it may be all you need to get you through those anxious, angry moments.

Work it out

Adrenaline, the chemical produced when you're under stress, stays in the body for at least 18 hours.

So if your trip out turns into the journey from hell you are continuously flooding your body with excessive amounts of this chemical.

According to the experts the best way to get rid of it is through exercise. Make time during the day for a brisk walk, a swim or a half-hour work out in the gym.

Remedy it

If the strain of getting stuck on trains or in lines of traffic sends panic levels soaring, it may be worth considering homeopathic remedies. For panic, take Arnica 30c, and for severe panic, Aconite 30c.

  • For claustrophobia, try Sulphur 6c.
  • Individual cases often require different treatment, so if you see no improvement it's advisable to see a professional homeopath.

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