February health news

Patsy Westcott / 12 February 2018

The latest research findings, medical tech advances and gadgets to help your health.

Pain, pain, go away

Banish mild arthritis pain, chronic nerve, neck, back and shoulder pain, post-surgical pain and more with the PainPod Mi. This neat wearable device, recommended by physios, uses gentle microcurrents to treat pain at the source, promoting healing, reducing inflammation and helping repair damaged tissue. £89, painpod.co.uk

The joy of socks

Tight socks can cause uncomfortable swelling – aka sock oedema. The remedy, HJ Hall’s non-elastic Softop® socks. The only ones endorsed by The Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, they stay up without leaving marks or restricting circulation. From £4.50, hj.co.uk

Screen test!

Video games aren’t just for the young. A recent Canadian study has found that playing graphic 3D games, such as Super Mario 64, increased grey matter and improved short-term memory in people aged 55-74 years. This could be your chance to show the grandkids how it’s done!

Can video games help you combat balance problems?

Ear, ear

Cleaning your ears with a cotton bud to remove wax is satisfying but, according to the latest NICE advice, not a good idea as it can damage your ear. If you suffer from excessive wax Earex drops gently soften and disperse any hardened build-up. Choose from Earex Advance Ear Drops, £4.89, and Earex Olive Oil Ear Drops, £3.99 from pharmacies.

No flash in the pan

Hot flushes are the most common symptom of menopause. And now a new study suggests that - especially when accompanied by night sweats - they may indicate an increased risk of type 2 diabetes. Moderating alcohol intake, quitting smoking if necessary, and eating a heart-healthy diet can all help reduce the risk of both flushes and diabetes.

8 new treatments for menopause symptoms 

3 in 5

That’s how many unpaid carers feel they need medical help for problems such as depression and anxiety - but a quarter of them have not sought it, according to a new survey from Embracing Carers, a global movement to recognise the importance of carers in the healthcare system. Find out more at embracingcarers.com.

Essential tips for carers

Drink up in style

Many of us don’t drink enough water which can lead to kidney problems, especially as we get older. Enter Stay Sixty, a reusable water bottle. Made from stainless steel rather than plastic which is expensive and bad for the environment, it will help you  meet your hydration target and boost your green credentials.

Good to look at and with a removeable compartment for easy cleaning  it’s your new must-have accessory. Choose from Stone, Coal and Blush £29.95 from staysixty.com

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