Silicon, not to be confused with silicone, is found in plant fibres and helps keep bones, cartilage, tendons and artery walls strong

RDA is unknown; estimates vary widely.

Silicon is a mineral and is not the same as the silicone used in industry and in breast implants.


Silicon is found in trace amounts everywhere in the body, especially the hair, nails and skin, where it strengthens and keeps cells supple. It also keeps bones, cartilage, tendons and artery walls strong.

Where do you get silicon?

It is in plant fibres, especially whole grains such as wheat, oats, barley and rice. It is also in onions and beetroot.

Too little silicon

Not much is known about lack of silicon, but it may be a factor in increased risk of cardiovascular disease and a lack of stamina.

Silicon supplement

Silicon is available in supplements but its usefulness is open to question.

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