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Sulphur is found in protein foods and helps boost immunity

Eggs and onions on a chopping board
Sulphur is found in eggs and onions


Sulphur has been called the 'beauty mineral' as it is in the skin, hair and nails.

It is a non-metallic element that is not always considered essential as there are no specific deficiency symptoms.

The average body contains as much sulphur as potassium.

Where do you get sulphur?

Sulphur is in protein foods such as eggs, meats, shellfish, garlic, lettuce, onions, raspberries, cabbage, turnip, kale and Brussels sprouts.


It has a detoxifying activity, and has been used in acne treatments.

It has other tasks in boosting immunity and counteracting diseases such as arthritis. It is a constituent of protein, biotin and vitamin B1.

Too much sulphur

There are few reports of any toxicity.

Too little sulphur

Lack of sulphur is normally associated with low protein in the diet.

Sulphur supplements

Supplements are not necessary as enough is usually readily available in a reasonable diet, but supplements are best if combined with the B vitamins.

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