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Jamie Oliver: how to stay young

Benji Wilson / 24 August 2015

Jamie Oliver travelled the world to discover the secrets of living to 100 for his new TV series and book, Jamie's Super Foods. He shares his seven top tips.

Jamie Oliver travelled to Japan for his Channel 4 series, Jamie's Super Foods
Jamie Oliver travelled to Japan for his Channel 4 series, Jamie's Super Foods

Eat a good breakfast

You're three times more likely to be overweight if you don’t have breakfast. So skipping breakfast is an absolute no-no. Have porridge oats – I think it’s the only food in this country that’s allowed to say undisputedly that it has health benefits. It’s really good for lowering your chance of cardiovascular disease, which is handy for living to 100.

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Get active without the gym

Interestingly, in all the areas with long-living residents that we visited for Jamie's Super Foods, very few people went to the gym. In Okinawa, Japan, they have this 100-year-old radio show called Radio Exercise. At 6 o’clock every morning for 10 minutes they play three songs and do some versions of... you can call it Tai Chi, you can call it Pilates, but it’s just movement, stretching, flexibility. In the other places on our travels, like Greece and Costa Rica, they stay young and healthy just by being fairly active quite often.

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Grow your own

Gardening is a triple whammy. It’s a pleasure. It keeps you outdoors and moving. And there’s nothing that makes you want to eat veg more than having it winking at you, knowing that if you don’t pick it, the birds will have it.

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Drink good quality water

This seemed to crop up as I went to the areas where they live the longest. Luckily, on the whole, British tap water’s brilliant and it’s very cheap – much cheaper than Coke.

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Have sex

On the Greek island of Icaria, where there are many, many older people, 80% of men aged 65 to 100 make love regularly. Come on, man, that’s got to be the statistic of the year!

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Don’t be a misery

Towards the latter years, staying young is about remaining part of the community and being with younger people. If you're a miserable so-and-so, generally it seems that people don’t drop in and see if you're alright and you don’t have big networks of friends.

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Have a faith

Most of the centenarians I met had a faith. Not the same faith necessarily but it was something they could share with others, and it allowed them to feel like they had a goal or a purpose.

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Jamie's Super Foods will be shown on Channel 4 later this year.

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