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How to make a macramé plant hanger: step-by-step

Kate Smith / 21 September 2015 ( 02 April 2020 )

Macramé’s easy when you’ve got the hang of it. Start with our simple plant hanger from The Makery's Kate Smith, complete with step-by-step pictures.

Macrame plant hanger
Have a go at making your own macramé plant hanger. Click the arrows for our step-by-step images.

When making your macramé plant hanger, choose a colour that picks up a key note in your decor or go for a complete contrast.

Find out how plants can transform your home

You will need

  • 11m string or yarn (Tek-Tek recycled T-shirt yarn is ideal)
  • Scissors
  • Large safety pin or bulldog clip

How to make

Preparing the yarn

1. Cut 6 x 180cm lengths of yarn, each 180cm.

2. Holding the strands together, fold in half.

3. Make a single knot about 5cm from the fold to create a hanging loop.

4. Use the safety pin or bulldog clip to attach the knotted loop to something secure while you are working.

How to make twisted knots

5. Working on a flat surface, divide the yarn into 3 sets of 4 strands. Start by working with each set individually.

6. Take the first set and lay 2 strands centrally with the other 2 strands on either side. Try to keep the central strands taut at all times.

7. Measure 15cm down from the knot in the hanging loop. This is where you want the knots to start.

8. Loosely pass the left strand over the central strands, leaving a loop on the left.

9. Pass the right strand over the left strand, then under the central strands, and up through the loop on the left.

10. Pull the 2 outer strands tight so they tie a knot around the central strands. The knot should be 15cm from the hanging loop.

11. Continue in this way for another 15 knots. The knots will make a twisted pattern.

12. Repeat steps 8-11 for the other 2 sets of strands, so you have 3 sets of twists.

How to make flat knots

13. Take one set and measure 10cm down from the bottom of the twisted knots. Repeat steps 8-10.

14. Take the right strand (the one you just carried over from the left) and pass it over the central strands, leaving a loop on the right.

15. Pass the left strand over the right strand, then under the central strands, and up through the loop on the right. (A mirror image of the previous knot). By knotting from left to right, you create a flat knot rather than a twisted knot.

16. Make one more knot, working from left to right again (as per steps 8-10), so you’ve made 3 knots.

17. Repeat steps 13-16 for the other 2 sets of strands.

Joining the sets

18. Now create 3 new sets of strands, by splitting the original sets. Place 2 sets of strands in front of you. Take the 2 right-hand strands from the left set, and the 2 left-hand strands from the right set to create a new set.

19. Measure 5cm down from the bottom of the previous knots. Now make 3 flat knots as before.

20. Repeat this step for the remaining strands. Take the leftover 2 strands from one of your previous sets, and join them up with 2 of the strands from the so-far untouched set. Again, create 3 flat knots 5cm down.

21. Then take the remaining 4 strands and join them together to make 3 flat knots.

22. Join all the strands together in an ordinary single knot at the bottom to make the base. Ensure this knot is no more than 5cm below the flat knots. Trim the strands to your desired length.

Tek-Tek T-shirt yarn is available from


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