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How to make a drum lampshade

Kate Smith / 24 December 2015

Follow our step-by-step instructions and video to turn your favourite fabric into a beautiful drum lampshade.

Drum lampshade
Make a drum lampshade out of your favourite fabric

You will need

  • Scissors
  • Tape measure
  • Pencil
  • Fabric (nothing too textured – plain or printed linen or cotton work well)
  • Lampshade PVC
  • 3mm lampshade tape
  • 9mm lampshade tape
  • Drum lampshade ring set (available in many sizes)

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How to make it

Step 2

Decide on the height of your lampshade. Suggested heights: 20cm diameter x 21cm high, 30cm diameter x 25cm high.

Step 2

Mark a rectangle onto the paper side of the PVC measuring ‘your lampshade height’ x ‘the circumference of your ring set, plus 2cm’. Neatly cut out the PVC rectangle. 

Step 3

Choose which area of fabric you would like to feature on your lampshade, making sure there is a fabric border at least 3cm larger than the PVC. 

Step 4

Iron your fabric then place it right side down on a table. 

Step 5

Gradually peel the paper from the back of the PVC and stick it to the wrong side of your fabric, making sure it’s straight. 

Step 6

Turn it over and smooth down the fabric to make sure it’s stuck fast. 

Step 7

Take the 9mm tape and stick onto the fabric, so it’s butted up against one of the short ends of the PVC. Cut the fabric flush with the edge of the tape. 

Step 8

Peel the backing off the tape, and fold it over so that the fabric neatens the end of the PVC. 

Step 9

Take the 9mm tape again and stick onto the fabric, so it’s butted up against both long edges of the PVC. Cut the fabric flush with the edges of the tape. 

Step 10

10. Cut your fabric flush against the other remaining short end of PVC. 

Step 11

Take your 9mm tape and stick it along the neatened short end, on top of the folded fabric. 

Step 12

Take your 3mm tape and stick it onto the PVC, along both long edges; butted up against where the 9mm tape is. 

Step 13

Check which way up your fabric goes, and determine whether you’d like a pendant or a lampstand shade. There are 2 parts to your ring set; the spoked part needs to go on the top for pendant shades, and at the bottom for lampstand shades, with the spokes curving inwards so you don’t see them. 

Step 14

Peel the back off the 3mm tape. Starting at the un-neatened end, place each ring onto the correct 3mm tape and roll them along lifting the PVC up as you roll. 

Step 15

Before you get to the neatened end, stop and remove the back off the tape that runs across the short end – this will join the short ends of the PVC. 

Step 16

Remove the backing from the 9mm tape along the un-spoked ring, and carefully push the taped fabric over the ring – rolling it right over. Repeat for the spoked ring, cutting little triangles out of the taped fabric to negotiate around the spokes.

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