Drama workshop with Sue Jenkins and David Fleeshman – session 1: warm ups

08 July 2020

Sue Jenkins and David Fleeshman share their years of screen and stage experience – from acting in Brookside and the National Theatre production of War Horse to directing – with Saga's #notgoingoutclub.

Session 1

If you've always wanted to explore your dramatic side, let David Fleeshman and Sue Jenkins who have starred on stage and screen, help. The husband-and-wife team get you started in the first of four drama sessions recorded exclusively for Saga's #notgoingoutclub.

This session covers relaxation, breath control exercises and more. The relaxation exercises are also written out in full below the video. 

A very relaxing breathing exercise

Start sitting or lying down (if lying, raise your knees if that's more comfortable) and relax shoulders.

1. Breathe in slowly through the nose (for the count of 4)

Breathe out through an open mouth (for the count of 4)

2. Breathe in through the nose (for the count of 4)

Hold the breath (for the count of 4)

Exhale through an open mouth (for the count of 4)

Hold the neutral state, not breathing in or out (for the count of 4)

3. Breathe in through the nose (for the count of 4)

Hold (for the count of 6)

Exhale through an open mouth with an exaggerated whisper ("Ahh" sound)

Hold the neutral state (for the count of 4)


123 and a zing zing zing

1. 123 and a zing zing zing. Number 2

2. Who me?

1. Yes you.

2. Not me

1. Then who?

2. Number 1.

1. Who me?

2. Yes you.

1. Not me

2. Then who?

1. Number 2...

Continue, keeping a rhythm and without pausing to think.

Speed up with confidence!

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