Time to plant some bulbs for Christmas

Tiffany Daneff / 31 October 2014 ( 31 October 2014 )

For what must be the first time ever I have actually got myself organised and ordered in some bulbs to plant for winter and, with luck, Christmas.

After studying www.dejaeger.com I’ve gone for as much scent as possible and the question is, which daffs are going to deliver the best pong and the best all-round-performing pot?  

The three narcissi I’ve chosen are:

  1. The appallingly named N. Earlicheer, which has creamy primrose double florets, is heavily scented and grows to 16 ins
  2. N. Tete a Tete, which is bright yellow as yellow can be (not my favourite colour it has to be said, but the smaller stems at 6-8ins could be a bonus)
  3. And, last but certainly not least, N. Paperwhite Grandiflora Ziva which should reach 16 inches and has beautifully snowy white flowers.

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To go with these I have also planted up a bowl of Hyacinth ‘White Pearl’ because I can never resist hyacinth and there’s nothing so galling as paying double for those ready potted bulbs in supermarkets – which are nearly always loo paper pink.  

It wasn’t until I laid out the bulbs side by side that I noticed how different they look.  And what nice chunky healthy bulbs they were.  No mould to be seen anywhere and all were firm to the touch.  

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I planted them all in general purpose compost at twice the depth of the bulb, except the hyacinth which have gone into a shallow bowl with just their tips showing. The hyacinth are now in the cellar where they need about 10 to 12 weeks.  

The daffs are in with the washing machine where there’s ambient warmth and light to bring them on. A week after planting, a few green shoots are already showing. It’s a great feeling to have such confident fresh growth, almost a prophylactic against the gloom of the incoming winter.

Now to wait.

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