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Gift ideas for science-loving children

12 November 2021

If you have a grandchild with a love of science and an inquisitive mind then read our suggestions for birthday or Christmas gifts to nurture their interest.

Portable microscope
Science-loving children can get a lot of fun out of a portable microscope

Portable microscope

While a home microscope is a must for any science-loving child (and there are many great kits available at various price points) you do risk spending money on something that might lose their interest. With a portable microscope, such as the Brainstorm Outdoor Adventure Microscope, you get an extremely well-priced starter microscope that children can wear around their necks and take out on walks, nature trails or even in the garden to examine flowers, minibeasts and anything else that takes their fancy.

Recommended for ages 6+.

Brainstorm Outdoor Microscope, RRP £10.00.

Buy Brainstorm Outdoor Microscope from Amazon.

AceLife STEM Solar Robot

This little robot makes a good construction kit for older children (it's recommended for 8+ but under 10s will likely need more supervision). 190 pieces can be assembled multiple different ways to make one of 12 different solar powered robots that can walk, crawl or roll around in the sun.

Recommended for ages 8+

Galt Toys Horrible Science kits

For kids with a love of all things that go bang the Horrible Science kits from Galt make fun and educational kits. There's plenty to choose from so your kids are sure to have a kit for them, whether they're wanting to learn about dinosaurs or make a battery out of a potato.

Recommended age 6-12

Brush Robot

This unusual little robot is full of character and children love to see it whizz around on smooth surfaces. It needs to be assembled (which is half the fun!) so you may need to help your grandchild put it together. Once up and running, it is very simple to operate. This little robot kit is perfect for inquisitive children who love to find out how things work.

Recommended for ages 8+.

4M Brush Robot, RRP £13.99

Buy 4M Brush Robot from Amazon.

Flying toys

Budding engineers and rocket scientists might get a kick out of watching Popular Science's power glider circling above them. This robust toy is made to withstand crash landings and has three settings for length and height of flight.

Alternatively, go old-school and cut down on plastic with paper plane kits or a paper plane launcher. Great activities for getting the children away from screens.


Fossils make fun and unique gifts for children captivated by the world around them, and are ideal for older children who may be on the verge of growing out of toys. While the price of fossils can vary considerably, with many being worth thousands of pounds, there are some great low-cost options that make ideal gifts for older children with an interest in science. Look out for trilobites, ammonites and fossilised plants for low-priced starter fossils.

You can even buy kits (such as those made by National Geographic) of fossil and geode bundles with information packs for an instant prehistoric collection.

Buy ammonites from about £5 from Mr Wood's Fossils.

Books for science-loving children

My Crazy Invention Sketchbook

In My Crazy Invention Sketchbook: 50 Awesome Drawing Activities for Young Inventors, children can read about mind-boggling crazy inventions such as umbrellas for dogs, robot dinosaurs and much more. Plus, there is plenty of space for children to add their own inventions to the mix - perfect for budding inventors.

Laurence King, RRP £15.95, recommended reading ages 9-12

The Really Incredible Science Book

This book follows the early science curriculum in a fun and engaging way, so it's perfect for complementing what young children are learning about at school. Pop-ups, flaps and pull-tabs bring the theories of light, sound, space and electricity to life.

DK, RRP £9.99, recommended ages 5-7

Science Year By Year

Science Year By Year: The Ultimate Visual Guide to the Discoveries That Changed the World is an informative book for children bursting with curiosity and eager to learn about the great scientific minds and discoveries that brought us to where we are now.

DK, RRP £25, recommended ages 9-12


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