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Spring cleaning tips

20 March 2017

Give the house a spring clean with these top tips for a clean and tidy home.

Spring cleaning

Spring clean the home

Clean the windows

Let the light in this spring by giving your windows a quick clean to get rid of the layer of accumulated muck and dust and feel the benefits of a lighter, brighter room immediately.

Find out how to clean windows

Clean and polish wooden floors

A clean and polished floor will reflect light and make your home look and feel cleaner instantly. Giving them an annual wax will also make a big difference.

Find out about cleaning and waxing wooden floors

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Dust the house

Give your home gleaming surfaces by running over hard surfaces with a damp cloth. Intricate objects, such as beaded lampshades and ornaments, can be dusted with a clean paintbrush. Vacuum fabric such as sofas and curtains.

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Clean the sofa

All the extra light bouncing around a spring home can make old stains more obvious, and chances are the sofa will have become grubby over a winter spent huddled up out of the cold. How you clean your sofa will depend on what kind of upholstery it has so check the label for washing instructions.

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Clean the rugs

Make the most of warm spring weather by taking your rugs outdoors and beating the dust out. Leave them to air on the washing line for a few hours to get rid of odours, or sprinkle with bicarbonate of soda and leave overnight before vacuuming.

Find out more about how to clean rugs

Clean the grout

Give stained mouldy grout a spring clean to get your bathroom and kitchen spick and span and more hygienic. Use an anti-fungal grout cleaner, or for a natural alternative make a thick paste with baking powder and vinegar and leave on the grout for 30 minutes.

Find out more about cleaning grout


There’s no point having a sparkling clean house if every surface is covered in clutter, so while you are tidying take the opportunity to have a clear out and donate unwanted items to charity shops and family members, and anything valuable can be sold on eBay.

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Clean the mattress

With the spring sun now shining it’s the perfect opportunity to take your mattress outside to air it, which has the added benefit of drying out dust mites. If leaving the mattress in the garden isn’t an option then open the window and leave the bed unmade during the day so the mattress can air.

Find out more about cleaning a mattress

Retouch chipped paint

It’s always worth keeping some paint leftovers out of the way in a shed or attic for touching up chipped, flaked or stained paint. If you don’t have any paint left but don’t fancy repainting the whole room taster pots of the paint you originally used might still be available in DIY stores.

Find out what paint to use where

Groom the dog

There’s no point spending valuable time and effort getting your sofa and carpets clean if Fido is trailing mud or shedding fur, so keep their coat in top condition with a regular grooming regime.

Find out more about grooming and bathing your dog

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Spring clean the garden

Clean the patio

Make the most of fine spring weather by giving your patio a blast with a pressure washer or steam cleaner to get rid of stains, moss and algae and enjoy some al fresco dining. 

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Clean the decking

Dirty or damaged decking can become dangerous so keep it in tip top condition by scraping away areas of moss or mould and giving it a burst from a pressure washer. Take the opportunity to give the wood some TLC with a protective coat.

Find out how to clean decking

Clean the BBQ

If your barbecue has been in storage all winter chances are it will be dusty, covered in cobwebs and maybe even traces of last summer’s grime. Give it a deep clean with a steel brush and soapy water, and try to remember to give it a deep clean at the end of summer to save yourself too much trouble next spring.

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Clean the garden furniture

Wooden garden furniture can start to look tatty when exposed to the elements for too long. If you have space it’s always better to store it away over winter to make a spring clean easier. Give your furniture a good wash with a sugar soap solution, and if it’s old oak (10 years or older) or softwood treat it with oil.

Find out more about cleaning garden furniture

Spruce up the front

First impressions count, so give the front of your house some TLC by touching up chipped and peeling paint, tidying up any hanging baskets and sweeping the path.

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Clean the car

Don’t forget to give your car a quick clean and polish, inside and out, for a clean and comfortable home on the road.

Find out how to get your car properly clean

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