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Revamp your kitchen on a budget

Melanie Whitehouse / 29 December 2015

The kitchen is the hardest-working room in your home but can be expensive to replace, so if it’s looking a bit tired, give it an update with our quick, easy and affordable fixes.

Kitchen shelves
If you have spare wallspace, consider displaying your favourite china and kitchen accessories

A new kitchen is both a huge upheaval and a big investment. If you’re not in the market for that right now, try to work with what you have. A few simple changes can work wonders.

The main items

Paint cabinets and drawer fronts with a specialist kitchen finish such as Crown’s Cupboard Makeover Paint (£14.99 for 750 mls), which has a super-tough satin finish. Depending on the finish of your cupboards, you may need to start with a specialist primer.

Alternatively, replace doors and drawer fronts – there are plenty of companies out there who do this, such as Kitchen Magic, at a fraction of the cost of replacing the whole kitchen.

Install new worktops. Laminate – which comes in a myriad finishes from matt to glossy to faux wood and granite – is the budget buy that never fails to please. has a quality selection and delivers to your home.

Don’t forget the floor – you can lay new on top of old and run it underneath the plinths instead of wall to wall, which cuts the cost. Rhinofloor has a collection of tough, cushioned easy-to-clean vinyl that replicates wood, stone, mosaics and tiles.

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Storage solutions

Start by giving your kitchen a good old sort-out. Tidy cupboards and drawers, throw out anything that’s past its sell-by date, then organise them again sensibly, rethinking storage solutions that don’t work.

If you’re still short of storage and have the space, add a free-standing dresser – visit local junk shops, buy an orange pine one and paint it - or put up some shelves. Ikea’s stainless steel Limhamn, £11, are an eternal favourite as they’re easy to keep clean. Ikea also stocks more traditional-style shelving such as Stenstorp, from £20, in white painted fibreboard (

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Finishing touches

Polish dull chrome taps with limescale remover or white vinegar, or replace.

Clean grout around tiles with a weak bleach solution and an old toothbrush. Touch up stained bits with a grout pen.

Replace outdated drawer and cupboard door handles but do ensure the screw holes are in the same place – you don’t want to be drilling more holes. Remember that in a narrow kitchen, handles that stick out may catch on clothing. Cup handles are a great solution – they cost peanuts, come in finishes from brushed steel to pewter, nickel, brass and bronze, and have a smooth edge facing downwards but are easy to grip. B&Q even has brightly painted ones ( - Replace outdated lighting - take out fly-spotted overhead strip lights and replace with three matching, hanging pendants.

Add a new blind and make cushions for your dining chairs from the same fabric.

If things tend to get spilt on your kitchen table, opt for an oilcloth cover. John Lewis ( has a wide selection from about £12 per m.

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Decorating ideas

Add clean colour to your walls – zingy lime against white will bring instant freshness, but whatever your preferred colour scheme, choose a specialist kitchen paint that’s steam resistant. Clean the walls thoroughly with sugar soap before painting to remove embedded grease.

Add interest with a feature wall of wallpaper but it should be heat and steam resistant – Homebase has a selection from around £13.99 a roll.

Removing kickboards adds a feeling of space, but leave in place if there’s no floor covering behind your units.

Replace your accessories. Buy a matching kettle and toaster sets from places like Next, a new set of matching mugs or kitchen utensils, and display pretty crockery on open shelves.

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