Protecting your home in the summer

Harriet Meyer / 26 August 2015

The summer season is a prime time for burglars to strike, with many homeowners spending time in the garden or away on holiday.

You don’t want to risk falling victim to thieves, so make sure your home is secured with these top tips:

Lock windows and doors

Even if you’re just sunbathing in the garden for 10 minutes, check all windows and doors are locked. This should even be when you’re popping round to the neighbours, or hanging the washing out.

There are plenty of opportune burglars around who will take any chance to sneak into your property and snatch valuables.

You might want to keep the air flowing through your property, but it’s more important to keep your home and possessions safe. 

Similarly, don’t leave valuable items in reach of any open window, such as keys, wallets or mobile phones when you’re indoors.

Secure your shed

Call your home insurer or check your policy to double check your shed is covered in case of a break in. Make sure to padlock it when not in use, and put all tools and toys away overnight.

Pricey outdoor equipment is tempting for passing thieves. If you’re unsure of the most secure lock, ask for advice at your local hardware store. This includes ladders, which could give burglars easy access if left in the garden.

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Avoid a holiday status on social media

This means thinking twice before posting the picture of you posing beside the pool, or a status telling everyone about your exotic trip. It might sound overly cautious, but it’s sometimes hard to know how secure social media really is, and who can see what you’re posting. You don’t want to make your home an easy for potential thieves scouring the internet.

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Ask a friend or neighbour to visit

They could draw curtains, clear post from letterboxes, and water plants. This’ll not only make coming home a smoother transition for you, it’ll also avoid making it obvious that the property is empty while you’re away. Setting lights and a radio on a timer is also a good idea.

Make your garden private

If you can, avoid being easy prey to passing pedestrians. This means making your garden secure, locking rear entry gates, and ensuring walls and fences aren’t easy to climb over.

You could plant prickly plants around any exposed area. However, you may want to ensure neighbours can see your front and back doors so they can check for any potential disturbances.

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