How to keep your cat safe through Christmas and the winter months

02 December 2016

Whiskas kitten food and milk looks at how to have a safe and happy Christmas and winter with your cat, including tips on decorating and cold weather safety.

While Christmas is often an exciting time for us humans, for cats it can present a host of new sights and sounds that can sometimes cause them to become stressed or anxious.

There are also the usual winter concerns that need to be addressed too – cold nights and short days mean there are other additional hazards to think about.

Here are some top tips and tricks to ensure the festive period is a time of joy, rather than stress, for your feline friend…

Be careful with your Christmas decorating

It may be tempting to go completely overboard with your Christmas decorating and make your home look like an explosion in a tinsel factory but, be aware of any dangers these decorations may present to your cat.

Cats are very habitual animals so any change to their environment can sometimes cause anxiety – and having a massive tree in the living room certainly counts as a change to the norm!

Ensure the tree is safely secured and all decorations are placed out of reach of enquiring paws. Avoid glass baubles which can smash and also consider having an artificial tree as pine needles can be painful for cats and, in some cases, even be toxic.

Be aware of your cat’s winter habits

As the temperature drops, cats will seek out warm places to hide and snuggle.

Places like sheds, garages and, even more dangerously, car engines, provide tempting spaces for cats to crawl into.

Ensure you know where they like to hide and make sure you check for them before turning on your car or rummaging around in your shed or garage – it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Even better is to try and keep them indoors when the weather gets extremely cold. Just like us, cats can develop hypothermia and frostbite in extreme conditions.

Have fun with your cat!

It’s not all serious though – there’s plenty of scope for you to have fun and enjoy the time spent with your cat during the festive period.

Whether you have a new kitten or your beloved cat, ensure they will feel part of the festivities, making them feel special with lots of great toys and treats; such Whiskas’ rich and nourishing kitten milk, perfect any time of year!

Have fun and stay safe with your cat this Christmas!

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