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Ten best dog toys

Lorna Cowan / 10 August 2016

Our pick of great toys for a healthy, happy and active dog.

Dog with flavoured bubbles
Flavoured bubbles can be fun for dogs to chase and catch

Some dogs love to fetch toys, others prefer to chew them, and many little puppies just want something soft to snuggle up to. Fortunately, there are a huge range of dogs toys available to keep our four-legged friends exercised and entertained, regardless of the dog’s age, size and energy levels. Here are our pick of the best.

KONG Safestix

Dogs love picking up sticks, and owners often use them as a fallback if they forget to bring a toy on a walk. However, branches, sticks and twigs can cause injury to your dog’s teeth, gums and mouth. A safer alternative is Safestix, a durable plastic toy, perfect for playing fetch – it even floats. Available in three lengths and various colours.

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Tennis ball launcher

If you seem to tire long before your dog does when playing a game of ball, a ball launcher may be the answer. With the help of one, your throw goes further, and it saves you from having to bend down repeatedly to pick up the ball. You’ll also avoid getting your hands dirty if the ground is muddy and wet.

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KONG Classic

KONG make lots of sturdy rubber toys for dogs, their red KONG Classic being one of the most popular. Safe and durable, you simply stuff the toy with treats (or fill it with a meat or fish paste and freeze it), then let your dog work out how to find the food inside. Available in six sizes, the Classic will keep hungry dogs entertained for ages. It bounces and is good to chew too.

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Good Boy Ball on a Rope

Like the ball launcher, the rope makes it much easier to throw the ball a decent distance, and the sturdy rubber ball should withstand some serious gnawing. Use it for a game of fetch or play tug – just remember you’re the one who chooses when to start and end tugging games, not your dog. Take control and you’ll both have great fun.

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Mega Masher Orb Ball

A tennis ball with a difference, this orb-shaped ball (that floats) has a reinforced rubber core which gives it more bounce, so fantastic for dogs who love to jump and catch. And as the ball is not round, your pooch will never know what direction it will bounce in. Durable too, it’s probably best suited for a dog with a larger mouth – small dogs may find it difficult to carry.

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Rope Knot Toy

A fun toy that not only keeps your dog entertained, it cleans his teeth too. Let your dog chew away on braided rope toys – the strings gently floss their teeth and dislodge food and plague. Choose from all shapes and sizes, those with large knots provide even more of a challenge. Strong rubber toys are also good for your dog’s teeth – pop them in the freezer before giving to teething puppies.

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Chuckit! Glow Ball

Over the years most dogs collect a variety of balls – tennis balls, foam balls, rubber balls and squeaky balls. This one glows in the dark, so is great if you are taking your dog out late at night, or if you’re playing in long grass and you can’t see where he’s abandoned it. Available in a range of sizes, the glow ball needs no batteries, you just charge under a bright light.

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KONG Extreme Flyer

Not sure who will enjoy this frisbee toy the most – you or your dog. It’s made from rubber, not plastic, so it’s softer – and safer – for a dog to catch. Even the most enthusiastic dog won’t be able to rip apart this strong durable toy. The Extreme Flyer is only available in a large size, Classic Flyers are more suitable for smaller dogs.

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Puppy Plush Sound Chew Squeaker

Toys made of plush snuggly fabrics are perfect for puppies. Their delicate mouths can hold them easily and if the toys squeak, they’re all the more fun. Dogs see colours in a different way to us, so yellow toys, such as this bright yellow duck, are a good choice. As with all soft toys, check regularly to make sure there are no rips and therefore still safe to play with.

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K9 Doggy Bacon Bubbles

Something a little different… Does your dog like chasing bubbles? He will if the bubbles smell of bacon! You’ll have heaps of fun watching your pooch trying to pop the tasty bubbles – all you need is a bubble hand wand or gun. The bubble mix is non-toxic, so no need to worry. It’s safe for your dog and safe to use indoors.

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