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Over 50s home insurance

Stay safe and protected at home with dedicated over 50s home insurance
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Secure your home and contents with 3-year fixed price over 50 home insurance

You’ll feel safe and protected in your home with Saga home insurance policies. Our building and contents insurance for over 50s is designed specifically for you and your needs at this stage of your life.

Is over 50s home insurance cheaper?

Over fifties insurance for your home can be cheaper, although price isn’t the only factor you should consider when looking at the cover you need to protect your home and its contents.

Insurance providers tend to consider people over 50 a lower risk when it comes to providing home insurance, as they are less likely to make a claim, and claims tend to be for lower amounts.

Like all insurance premiums, the price you pay will reflect your personal circumstances, such as your location, the type of property you live in and your claims history. But some more general factors are at play when it comes to cheap over 50s insurance for your home:

  • People in their 50s often have long experience of being a homeowner, and that experience helps them know what it takes to maintain and upkeep a property to avoid common problems such as burst pipes that might result in claims.
  • With a history of home insurance and having possibly made claims in the past, older homeowners have been through a claims process before and can be more accurate about valuing and claiming for their possessions.
  • People tend to become more security conscious as they age, making sure their property is left secure at all times, introducing additional security measures such as burglar alarms and taking part in active Neighbourhood Watch Schemes.

When you are specifically seeking cheap house insurance for over 50s, be sure to check the policy details carefully to make sure you select a policy that will give you the best over 50s home insurance for your specific needs.

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What are the benefits of over 50s home insurance?

Over 50s home insurance ensures sure that, if the unexpected happens to your home or its contents, you’ll be able to put right any damage caused and replace things that you need.

Legally you aren’t obliged to have over 50s home insurance in the UK, but a mortgage provider won’t usually be able to put a mortgage in place without you at least having buildings insurance.

If you own your home without a mortgage, it still makes sense to have over 50s building and contents insurance, to protect you against unexpected costs.

Higher amounts of contents or building cover can be included in policies targeted at the over 50s, and specific benefits may be added that are most relevant to older homeowners such as:

  • a longer unoccupied home period so you can take longer holidays
  • medical equipment on loan cover
  • carer’s personal belongings cover
  • loss of or damage to plants, lawns, shrubs and garden contents.

What types of over 50s home insurance are there?

Over 50s home insurance is made up of two types of insurance:

  • Buildings insurance – protects the structure of your home. This includes things like the roof and walls, and permanent fixtures and fittings, like doors and windows. In the event of a successful claim, this will cover repair or rebuilding costs, subject to policy excesses
  • Contents insurance – This provides cover against the damage, theft and loss of personal possessions. This can include belongings you leave at home or ones you take out and about with you too.

You can get separate cover in different policies, or you can get combined cover in one over 50s buildings and contents insurance policy.

Saga offers two levels of cover targeted at over 50s, Saga Plus and Saga Select.

Saga Plus is a three-year fixed-price home insurance with added extras, and comes with our claims promise that most claims won’t affect your fixed price (T&Cs apply).

Saga Select is our no-nonsense cover for when you need a little less cover but the same great service.

Our policies are underwritten by several different insurers. We handpick these companies very carefully, and make sure they have the same high standards of quality and service as we do. If you buy a policy from us you’ll see the name of the underwriter(s) in your policy documents.

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Which? Recommended Provider of home insurance

Saga has been named a Which? Recommended Provider of home insurance for 2022. Consumer champion Which? only endorses the best products and services. As a completely independent organisation, the granting of Which? Recommended Provider status truly reflects what they think – not what someone else wants them to say.