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Baggage claims

What to do if your luggage gets damanged or lost whilst you are on holiday
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Baggage claims

Whether it’s lost entirely, damaged in transit or goes on its own holiday for a little while, having a problem with your luggage while you’re away is less than ideal. We're here to help alleviate what can be a very stressful situation.

Saga Travel Insurance provides cover to protect your baggage and our travel assistance helpline is there 24/7 so you can find out exactly what you need to do if something goes wrong, including advice on how to trace your luggage with the airline if it’s delayed or lost.

If you’re abroad:

(+44) 1444 442 106

If you’re in the UK

Whenever your policy started, you can call 0800 092 2099 anytime of the day or night.

How to make a claim

First of all, you’ll need to give us a ring.

Please call our claims number on 0800 092 2099 from the UK or (+44) 1444 442106 from abroad.

We’ll log your claim and give you a claim reference number, which you’ll then need to quote whenever you get in touch about your claim. We’ll send you out some forms to fill in and return to us along with any requested paperwork.

What documents do I need to make a baggage claim on my travel insurance?

Delayed baggage

If your baggage is temporarily lost on the outward journey and you’re without it for more than 12 hours, we’ll pay for the replacement of essential items so that you can enjoy the start of your holiday regardless.

Just make sure you:

  • Keep the receipt for everything you buy
  • Get written confirmation from your airline of the number of hours you were without your baggage.

Unfortunately, you can’t claim if your baggage was delayed or detained by customs or other officials.

Lost, stolen or damaged baggage

If your baggage is lost or damaged by an authority or a transport company (not an airline), or a hotel, you need to:

  • Report the details of the loss or damage to them in writing
  • Get written confirmation back from them.

If your personal belongings or baggage are lost or damaged by an airline you must:

  • Get a property report from your airline
  • Give written notice of the claim to the airline within the time limit in their conditions of carriage – you should also keep a copy
  • Keep all travel tickets and tags
  • Keep hold of your damaged items in case we need to inspect them as part of your claim.

If your claim is for lost or stolen personal possessions, you’ll need to:

  • Get a police report
  • Provide proof of ownership and value of items lost
  • For money claims, currency conversion slips/copy of bank/building society statements or a letter from your bank confirming withdrawal of funds prior to the trip.

Please note that the single article limit and total valuable limit on your policy (see table below) may mean it does not provide sufficient cover for expensive items such as jewellery and photographic or video equipment – these items can usually be insured separately under your home insurance.

What will I be able to claim back?

Saga Travel Insurance covers:

Policy limits for each insured person per trip Excesses per claim

Delayed baggage

Up to £250


Lost, stolen or damaged baggage

Up to £5,000 (£600 single article limit and £1,000 total valuables limit)


Personal money

Up to £500 (£300 limit for cash) (£100 limit for cash if aged under 16)


Where there is an excess shown in the table above, this means that we will not pay the first £70 of each claim.

We will decide whether claims may be settled by either payment or with replacement items. Your settlement will be based on how much the items were worth at the time of the loss. We’ll not pay for cost of replacing them with new items.