If you’re unfortunate enough to encounter a natural disaster such as an earthquake, tsunami or flood on your travels – or your plans are dampened by severe weather, Saga Travel Insurance can help.

If a natural disaster makes your accommodation uninhabitable

If you have booked accommodation independently (not through a bonded tour operator) and it becomes uninhabitable due to fire, flood, earthquake, explosion, tsunami, landslide, avalanche, storm, hurricane or volcanic eruption, Saga will pay up to £10,000 for reasonable additional accommodation and transport costs. This cover is available whether you need to change accommodation on arrival, or at any other time during your trip.

Saga also covers unused travel and accommodation costs, if you have to cancel or abandon your trip as a result of your accommodation becoming uninhabitable.

If you’ve booked your holiday as a package, using a bonded tour operator, you would need to contact them to make alternative arrangements.

If you’re stranded abroad due to a natural disaster or severe weather

If you have Saga Travel Insurance and get stuck in a foreign country because the port, airport or Channel Tunnel you were due to travel from or through is closed for more than 24 hours after your scheduled time of departure, we will cover you for cancellation. We will automatically extend your cover by up to 14 days. In these circumstances your personal possessions are still protected and you’re covered for both ongoing medication and emergency medical treatment.

If your flight’s been cancelled and you have booked through a tour operator or EU airline, you should contact them to make alternative arrangements. Under EU legislation, passengers are entitled to assistance including reasonable meals and overnight accommodation. It’s a good idea to keep receipts for any additional expenses. For further information, please visit the EU website which details air passenger rights.

If you are booked on a non-EU airline, the same regulations apply from EU airports. But if the airport is outside the EU, flights aren’t covered and passenger rights vary from airline to airline.

If you have booked a non-package holiday independently, and are unable to recover costs when stranded, with Saga Travel Insurance you can receive £100 for each 24 hours that you’re unable to return home up to a maximum of £1,500. Alternatively, we will pay up to £1,000 if, after a period of 24 hours or more, you have to make alternative arrangements to get home.

Travel plans disrupted by severe weather in the UK

If your flight is cancelled, your airline should either issue a refund or rearrange your flight. If your holiday is a package booked through a bonded tour operator, make alternative arrangements with them. If your flight is delayed for more than 24 hours at its international departure point, you can cancel your holiday provided that you’ve checked in for the flight.

If the port, airport or Channel Tunnel that you were due to travel from or through is closed for more than 24 hours after your scheduled time of departure, Saga Travel Insurance will cover you for cancellation.

If you have tried to get to your departure airport by scheduled public transport, but that is not working due to severe weather, Saga will cover you for Missed Departure, i.e. any additional accommodation or travel costs you have to pay to reach your destination.

If you are delayed at the point of international departure and have checked-in, with Saga Travel Insurance you are entitled to £35 for the first 12 hours and £15 for each full 15 hours up to a total of £215. You can claim a refund for any unused travel and accommodation costs if you choose to abandon your trip, after waiting more than 24 hours on an outward journey.

Rearranged holiday dates caused by flight cancellations

If your airline or tour operator changes your travel dates and you are covered by a Saga single trip policy, as long as you don’t claim on your policy we will change it to cover the new trip, if:

  • The previous travel dates haven’t passed
  • The new return date isn’t more than 12 months from the policy’s start date
  • The destination and trip duration are the same.

If you fall outside these guidelines, your policy can be amended and the resulting difference in premium paid.

Further advice and up-to-date information

The Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO) website has information about alternative travel options, passenger rights and contact details for its embassies overseas.

Saga’s range of insurance products is designed specifically for our customers and is unique to us. Saga Travel Insurance is underwritten by Astrenska Insurance Limited, which meets our high standards of quality and service.

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