Successful travel for the over 70s

Saga Travel Insurance offers comprehensive travel insurance policies, tailored to those over the age of 50. With no upper age limit on our policies, anyone can enjoy the benefit of knowing they can take the stress out of travelling.

Saga Travel Insurance offers its policy holder a wide range of benefits on either a single trip or an annual trip policy. Here are ways that the over 70s can benefit from planning ahead for a fun and stress-free holiday.

Before you travel

Make sure that your provider is made aware of any pre existing medical conditions. Saga can cover many pre-existing medical conditions, and can incorporate these considerations into a policy that’s affordable and comprehensive, meaning you don’t get short-changed in case you are injured or fall ill abroad. You can provide your medical information either online or over the phone; it will take just a few minutes.

Over 70s tend to find that the options for travel insurance cover are limited due to these potential health issues, or that the cover they are offered is more expensive. We will ensure that the over 70s get the coverage they need to travel as frequently as they wish.

Check for the most up-to-date information on where you’re travelling and how you’ll get there. You can be covered for most events which lead to the delay or cancellation of a holiday such as airline strikes or construction problems at your accommodation.

You’ll also need to ensure you’re otherwise medically cleared to go – check with your doctor or online as to whether you’ll need a vaccination against local infections before you arrange the final booking. You’ll also require an EHIC in case you need medical attention in most EU countries – this will allow you free access to certain treatments.

On your holiday

In case complications should arise while you’re travelling to or at your accommodation, Saga offers a helpline which can help you get advice. If your bags are delayed or there’s a problem with the currency you have, this English-speaking helpline will give all the information you need.

Certain benefits of your Saga travel insurance will also mean you can be compensated for several undesirable events. If your bags are lost, stolen or damaged, or you need to make alternative travel arrangements at short notice, you can claim back the money you’d spend (limitations apply, see our cover summary for more details).

And if the worst should happen and you or a travelling companion need to cancel your trip, you can be covered for up to £10,000 per person, per trip.

So for peace of mind before and during your holiday, consider travelling with Saga Travel Insurance.


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