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Adrienne Wyper

Freelance journalist Adrienne Wyper tries to take the natural approach to staying well and looking good, which she’s been writing about for over 20 years, for titles including Netdoctor, Red and Prima. As a big fan of the benefits of hobbies and holidays, she also writes about craft and travel for Prima, Woman, Woman’s Own, Coast, and Country Walking.

Latest Articles from Adrienne

Health & Wellbeing
The art of wellbeing
Why going to an exhibition pays dividends for your health.
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Health & Wellbeing
See a show – it’s good for you
A round of applause, please, for the health benefits of seeing a performance.
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Health & Wellbeing
How to beat mosquito bites
Prevent the irritating itch – and health risks – of mosquito bites, with our round-up of repellents and self-help.
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