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What causes tingling fingers?

Dr Mark Porter / 28 December 2017

Dr Mark Porter answers a reader’s questions about tingling fingers on one hand.

Tingling sensation in hand
With Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, the tingling is limited to an area that runs from the thumb across to your ring finger.

Q: I am troubled by tingling fingers in my right hand. My doctor has checked my blood for deficiencies (such as vitamin B12) but all seems well. Any ideas?

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A: It is impossible to say without seeing and examining you, but the fact that it is one-sided and probably in your dominant hand (assuming that you are right-handed) suggests a trapped nerve of some kind. The most likely site is where the median nerve travels under ligaments on the underside of the wrist – carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS).

If it is CTS, the tingling (or pain and numbness) will not be present in the whole hand but limited to an area that runs from the thumb across to your ring finger. Your little finger should be unaffected. It is likely to be worse in the early hours of the morning, too.

If this fits your symptoms then talk to your GP about treatments, which vary from wrist splints and steroid injections, to surgery to release the pressure on your nerve.

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