Losing weight by keeping busy

Judith Wills / 27 June 2014

Diet and wellbeing blogger Judith Wills finds that long summer days are a good way of losing weight - just by keeping busy.

I have been inexplicably losing weight.

I mean, look at the facts:

I have been testing recipes for a week or two now including items such as a batch of scones and custard-based desserts, which of course required me to try them. The scones were, in fact, so nice that I've eaten three already and had to freeze the remainder to stop me consuming any more. Yes they were very healthy with ingredients including seeded wholemeal flour, oatmeal, milled linseeds, groundnut oil and blueberries – but the fact remains, a scone is a scone is a calorie disaster waiting to happen especially when you add crème fraiche, as I did.

I also inadvertently bought my husband a bar of almond-rich chocolate when I popped into Aldi the other day to get ham, tea and yogurt. It kind of slipped confidently from the shelf into my basket, full of its own loveliness (they really are the best nut choc bars around at only £1 or so) and then of course he, being lovely himself, insisted I had half of it.

Then the post brought me a huge box of Belvita breakfast biscuits, sent gratis from their PR. So I had to eat some of those, just for professional reasons you understand.

And so on.

And yet, my waistband is feeling loose, I weighed myself and was astonished to see that I'd somehow lost 4lb in two weeks, which is a lot for me, the original slow loser.

Dig it

Having thought it all through, I conclude that, as the scales aren't broken, the only reason can be that I've been getting up really, really early. I've been so busy with work, as well as wanting to do loads in the garden, and needing to clean the house as we've people coming next week and it's so dusty I honestly can write my name on the sitting room bookshelves...

So I've been up most mornings at six and out by 6.45, slaving in the veg patch or around the borders, or trying to repot massive potbound plants which is no joke, is it? Then into the office or the test kitchen (aka the only kitchen I've got).

And I've been working till around 6.30 in the evening, then going out doing more gardening when it's cooled down a bit.

So I reckon that the extra couple of hours a day up and about, coupled with masses of workload stress and maybe being on my feet more than usual, has brought about this miracle.

I've also had fewer aches and pains and my back and hips seem less stiff.

Of course this isn't going to last. When the mornings get darker and it's cold and I'm not that busy, it will be much easier to be there in bed, curled up half-asleep, no doubt. But meantime, have I found the holy grail of overweight people – a way to lose weight without actually 'dieting or exercising' as such?

My next diet book: Get Up and Just Keep Doing Stuff, by Judith Wills.

No, not really, I'm not writing any more diet books, ever - but I do feel secretly pleased with myself. The eternal morning bedtime loafer gets cracking – and cracks the weight. Nice.

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