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Beat bloating with food swaps

Siski Green / 16 January 2019 ( 10 January 2022 )

Look and feel slimmer by avoiding bloating foods and trying those that help prevent a bloated stomach.

Swap a bacon and egg sandwich for a healthy bowl of porridge to help beat the bloat.
Swap a bacon and egg sandwich for a healthy bowl of porridge to help beat the bloat.

If you're prone to feeling bloated it could be down to the food you're eating. Fatty foods, carbonated drinks and eating too quickly can all make your tummy feel swollen and bloated. Find out what causes a bloated stomach here, or try one of these simple food swaps. 

Pre-dinner cocktail

Swap it: Peppermint-infused water

Drinking water flavoured with a couple of fresh mint leaves or having a cup of peppermint tea might not seem the best way to get in the party mood, but actually it is.

Peppermint is good at easing digestive disorders and helps calm down upset stomachs as well as allowing gas to pass. Getting hydrated will also help keep you energised. 

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Basil pesto pasta

Swap it: Parsley pesto wholewheat pasta

Who doesn’t love pesto? Easy to prepare and use, it makes a plain old pasta dish taste heavenly. But don’t get stuck on basil pesto, you can use any herb and parsley is a great one to start with.

It’s a natural diuretic which means it’ll flush out excess water, leaving you feeling slim instead of bloated.

Simply put a bunch of parsley in the blender, along with either cashews or pine nuts, add cheese, and olive oil. 

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Egg and bacon sandwich

Swap it: Bowl of porridge

If you’ve had a restless night you might reach for some comfort food in the form of eggs and bacon but you’ll be far better off with a bowl of porridge.

When you’re low in energy your digestive system needs all the help it can get and porridge is ideal for keeping you regular and avoiding bloating that can occur in the afternoon if you haven’t eaten well. 

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Digestive biscuits

Swap it: A banana

Digestive biscuits aren’t just high in sugar they’re also one of the saltiest varieties of biscuit you can buy. Check the label and look for biscuits with 0.3g or less per 100g.

If, however, you’ve already indulged and are feeling the bloat, a banana or some yogurt can help. Both contain potassium which is necessary for your body to flush out excess salt. 

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Chewing gum

Swap it: Fennel seeds or lozenges 

All that chewing can trick your body into thinking it’s getting food, making it activate the production of juices… that then can lead to indigestion and bloating. But if you’d like to have something in your mouth, get some fennel seeds to chew on or try fennel lozenges (available from Wedderspoon’s).

Fennel is nature’s cure for gas and it also helps speed food through your system, so it’s ideal if you’ve overeaten too. 

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