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Stay fit after 60

Explorer Paul Rose, 63, is set to present The Pennine Way, later this summer, about the 268-mile path. Here he shares his top tips for staying fit after 60.

Older woman surfing to stay fit
Top tips for staying fit after 60

Yoga classes are a winner


‘The sixties are a use-it-or-lose-it time of life. So make sure you keep moving. That means no lifts or escalators. Then walk, run, swim, take yoga classes. Do anything that works for you. Just keep on the move as much as you can.’

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Use your core muscles to balance your body

‘Sometimes when travelling I watch how people move. Some people can’t walk down a train without bumping into every seat. Others just move beautifully. They’re in balance. They’ve got their core activated. They move like athletes. We should all aspire to move like that.’

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How to get the most out of your gym session

‘The machines in gyms these days are absolutely great; you have to work hard to find a bad one. I usually start with three aerobic activities: a treadmill, say, then cycling or rowing. Once you’re warm, spend 40 minutes whizzing round all the other machines, doing a bit of everything.’

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Eat a healthy diet - but fewer calories

‘When you get older you don’t need so many calories. So keep away from too many pub meals, avoid processed food and watch the alcohol. Give yourself a healthy, balanced diet. Our bodies have got us this far. We need to do everything we can to nourish them.’


Get physiotherapy for injuries early

‘It’s easier to fix problems when they’re small than when you’re laid up. And even if you’re not injured, seeing a physiotherapist regularly helps to keep injury prevention exercises at the front of your mind. I’ve been seeing one for 20-odd years. He can tell what’s wrong with me as soon as I walk into his office.’


The benefits of physiotherapy benefits

Set yourself a motivational challenge

‘It’s the perfect motivator for keeping fit. For me, it might be a diving or polar expedition. But it could equally be a 5km run, a 2km swim, or dancing lessons. Having a hairy physical challenge ahead helps you think, “Wow, I’d better start getting fit now!”’

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