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Statins side effects

Sharon Collins ( 30 April 2015 )

Learn the steps you can take if you think you might be having statins side effects, from Saga Magazine's medical experts.

The cholesterol charity Heart UK advises discussing any possible side effects with your doctor at the earliest opportunity

The cholesterol charity Heart UK advises: “Discuss any possible side effects with your doctor at the earliest opportunity – there are other statins and alternatives that could be considered and may be appropriate to reduce your risk without side effects. Your relationship with your doctor should be a partnership to find the best solution for you.”

GP Roger Henderson, whose speciality is cholesterol management, sees a significant number of patients with statin-related side effects, especially muscle pain and stiffness.

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Statin side effects: what the expert says

He says: “The only way to prove such symptoms are linked to statins is to stop for a month or so and see if they disappear. If they don’t, they’re not linked to statins. If they disappear, restart the tablets and if the symptoms return, a different treatment should be considered. Then tell your doctor this and ask for a lower dose of statin or an alternative.

“If your GP is unsympathetic to your symptoms you’ll come to no harm by stopping a statin yourself and seeing if the symptoms ease. If your cholesterol remains very high despite treatment, referral to a lipid specialist may be considered. CoQ10 help minimise symptoms but more research is needed to confirm this.”


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