Gift ideas for creative children

27 October 2015 ( 17 October 2016 )

These fun Christmas gift ideas are all perfect for creative children who love to get their hands dirty with paints, modelling clay and glue.

Paper Pets

These fun and affordable little kit provides children with what they need to make their own pair of paper animals, including templates and colourful paints to add some finishing touches. What's more, the whole kit is designed, sourced and made in the UK and is available in a range of animals including pig, owl, sheep, dog and more.

Recommended for ages 7+.

Buy Paper Pets for £9.95 from Cass Art.

Kinetic Sand Play Kit

Kinetic Sand is currently hugely popular with children four and up. With this Kinetic Sand Box Set children get 1lb of  squeezable sand that can be shaped into sand sculptures, plus a selection of moulds and – importantly - a large tray to contain the mess. It’s ideal for tactile children who like to get their hands dirty, but be aware that the image on the box is slightly misleading as it shows 2lb of sand.

Recommended for children 3+.

Kinetic Sand Play Kit, RRP £26.50.

Buy Kinetic Sand Box Set from Amazon

Crayola Paint Maker

When it comes to gifts for creative children, nothing really beats the simple tools they need to get creating and making. Paints, pencils and crafty bits and bobs all make great presents. For something a little different, the Crayola Paint Maker is a fun way for children to mix up their own custom colours – perfect for young artists to learn about the process of mixing colours, and don’t worry – the paints are washable! 

Recommended for ages 6+.

Crayola Paint Maker, RRP £19.99

Superhero Comic Kit

With the Superhero Comic Kit children can write, draw and colour in their own superhero story. The kit includes story prompts to get them started, information on how to draw their characters and over 100 stickers to liven things up.

The Superhero Comic Kit, Laurence King, RRP £12.95

Buy The Superhero Comic Kit from Amazon

Fimo modelling clay

For children who prefer to be left entirely to their own devices to create, colourful Fimo modelling clay is the perfect gift. It can be shaped into anything a child likes - animals, beads and much more, and then baked in the oven for half an hour until hard. Themed kits such as beads, farm animals, monsters and pottery are all available, but if you grandchild doesn't need a prompt to get stuck in you can buy a starter kit of 9 colours plus modelling tools. 

Recommended for ages 8+.

Fimo Soft Starter Kit, RRP £20.25

Buy Staedtler Fimo Soft Starter Set from Amazon

Origami Dinosaurs

Some crafts are timeless, and origami is one of them. This fun and funky set includes 50 sheets of patterned paper to make 25 different dinosaur designs.

For ages 5+

How to Make Paper Dinosaurs

Sparkling Dream Catcher

This dainty dream catcher in pastel pinks and purples is ideal for a little girl's bedroom once finished. It will take about one hour to complete as is an ideal activity to do as grandparent or parent and child, and the result is a unique design that can be kept and displayed. Please note, although the box says 5+ many people feel it is suitable for older children (8+) due to fiddly parts.

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Art kit

Older children (11+) who are getting serious about art and perhaps due to take secondary school art classes don't need any gimmicks. A good drawing or painting set and some nice paper will be all they need to get their creativity flowing. This Derwent Academy drawing set in a fetching wooden case makes a lovely gift for older children. It includes a variety of pencils (for sketching and colouring), eraser, sharpener and pad - perfect for young artists getting started.

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