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My dog has become allergic to his flea and tick collar

Dr Pete Wedderburn / 28 November 2018

A reader wants to know what alternative method there is for preventing ticks after her dog has become allergic to his flea and tick collar.

Dog wearing flea collar


My dog developed a sore on her neck after wearing a flea and tick collar. What else can I do to prevent the risk of ticks?


If ticks only attach to a dog rarely, simply removing them one at a time may be enough (e.g. using the O’Tom Tick Remover) but do wear gloves and dispose of the tick carefully (they can carry Lyme Disease which can affect humans).

For many people, complete prevention is preferable. The latest advance is a type of highly effective prescription-only long lasting oral medication which is given as a tasty tablet, either once a month or once every three months, depending on the brand. Ticks, fleas and other mites are killed as soon as they attach to the dog. Even dogs that exercise regularly in tick-infested countryside are kept free of ticks if on this medication.

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