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Taking care of your freedom: Motability made easy

13 August 2020

Kia’s new Motability campaign makes car ownership simple, and the impressive range of vehicles means there’s a perfect car for every driver.


Freedom means different things to different people. To some it’s the freedom to express yourself. To others, it’s about independence and the ability to go anywhere you want whenever you want.

Whatever your definition, Kia wants you to enjoy your freedom, and that’s what its latest Motability campaign is all about.

Kia’s award-winning range has been specially designed to offer the latest technology in a package that blends style, comfort and convenience. There really is a perfect car for every driver.

Kia style

Stand-out style

Car design is much more than shapes and lines. It’s finding the best combination of form and function; it’s instilling soul into a brand and making customers passionate about their vehicle. The ultimate goal of Kia is to create complete and memorable cars that define the brand.

In fact, Kia has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award an incredible 25 times since 2009, with the Kia Ceed, Ceed Sportswagon, ProCeed and XCeed model all taking home a trophy.

But it’s not just style over substance with the Kia range – all of Kia’s Motability cars are also practical and full of technology, as well as featuring stylish alloy wheels and the signature ‘tiger-nose’ grille as standard.

Kia Space

Intelligent use of space

Every Kia model is perfect for everyday journeys, with practical cabins, roomy interiors, good ride height and plenty of load capacity.

It’s not just about the space on offer, but also the clever ways it’s used. Take the boot of the Sportage, for example: it’s large, lies flat with the opening, and the rear seats fold flat, too. This means loading bulky items, such as a mobility scooter, is relatively easy.

Kia has clearly thought about access, too. Every car offers ample head and leg room, with a well judged ride height and plenty of seating adjustability, so it’s easy to get in and feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Kia Safety

Advanced safety equipment

As much as we try to be safe drivers, we’re all capable of being caught out or making mistakes. To help you feel safe on the road, Kia has engineered a long list of advanced safety features. For example, Forward Collision-Avoidance Assist uses an ingenious radar system to detect upcoming hazards, such as cyclists, pedestrians or a slowing vehicle. If the system detects an obstacle in front of you, it will give you a warning and can even apply the brakes in advance.

The ‘blind-spot’ has been a problem for motorists for years, but Kia’s Blind-Spot Collision Warning constantly keeps watch for you, so if a car is hovering in your blindspot, a light in your side mirror will warn you.

Rear Cross Traffic Alert is another great safety net. We all know how difficult it can be reversing out of a space in a busy supermarket car park, especially when you can’t see the road clearly. The Rear Cross Traffic Alert will warn you if a car is approaching, so you can reverse safely.

These are just a few examples of the impressive safety features available on selected models of the Kia Motability range.

Kia technology

Technology that makes driving easier

Technology can make life wonderfully simple, but only if it’s well thought out and easy to use. It’s clear that Kia has thought long and hard about how every single feature in their cars will benefit the driver and passengers.

Take the new 10.25-inch touchscreen navigation system, for example. The extra large screen means information is easy to read and the buttons are large and easy to press when you’re on the go. It’s full of useful information, too, and can help you avoid traffic, find a free parking space and even tell you the cheapest place to get fuel. It’s also linked to a reversing camera, so you’ll be able to clearly see what’s behind you.

Kia’s new telematics system gives you access to seamless and detailed information about your trip and car diagnostics displayed directly on the navigation screen in real time. In addition, with the UVO app you can stay connected with your car, wherever you are.

If you’d rather stick to your phone’s navigation apps, you can connect it to the infotainment system to make the most of the Android Auto and Apple CarPlay smartphone mirroring.

You’ll also be able to enjoy the tunes you love while out and about in your Kia. Selected Kia’s model are equipped with a premium sound system, which plays powerful and high-quality audio throughout your car.

In fact, every Kia on the Motability Scheme is well equipped, so you can enjoy features such as automatic headlights, automatic windscreen wipers and cruise control across the range. On selected models there’s a smart power tailgate that opens for you, and even a heated steering wheel and heated seats to keep you warm during the winter months.

Kia automatic

Smooth-shifting automatics

Automatics are a popular choice on the Motability Scheme, so it’s good to know that every Kia model is available with an automatic gearbox.

It’s all about making journeys comfortable and enjoyable, regardless of your mobility needs.

Kia motability

They take care of everything

Motability is all about taking the stress out of driving. Once found the perfect car, nobody wants to waste time on form filling and shopping around for insurance, when you could be out and enjoying yourself. Thankfully, Motability takes care of everything.

With Motability you are guaranteed that your car stays in top condition. Your dealer will contact you when the service is due and arrange for an appointment at your convenience. If your vehicle is not running properly, needs repairs or replacement parts at any time in your contract, you can contact your Motability dealer to book in for a maintenance inspection. If there are any issues with your windscreen or tyres, your Motability dealer specialist will be able to take care of it.

You don’t need to worry about insurance or breakdown cover either, because Motability will provide full RAC cover to give you even more peace of mind. It’s unlikely that you’ll need it though, as Kia offers the longest warranty in Europe for its cars, so they’re clearly confident about the quality of their vehicles.

Your road tax is also included, and it will be renewed for you when the time comes. What’s more, many adaptations are included within the price. And, with a 60,000 mile allowance, and three named drivers included, you have the freedom to use your Kia whenever and however you choose.

With many Kia cars available at nil Advance Payment, take a look at the latest motability offers, and find the model that’s right for you.

Advertising feature in association with Kia

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