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How do you know if someone likes you?

23 March 2015

Eye contact, hand gestures and body movement are all little indicators to help us better understand someone new, but it can be hard to read what those signs are actually telling us. Rid yourself of the mystery and anxiety that comes with meeting a new online dating match and learn how to read between the lines.

Watch body language to find out if someone likes you
Find out if someone likes you by watching out for these subtle signs

Whether you’re an old hand or new to the online dating game, looks can be deceiving and it’s easy to misread the signs. Luckily, body language expert and author Tonya Reiman has discovered some surefire signs that man likes woman, and woman likes man.

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He's interested in you if...

  • His eyebrows go up when he's listening to you. Also watch out for dilated pupils and parted lips. Men might not realise these things are happening, but a woman will spot it in a second if she knows what to look for.
  • He studies each of your eyes, then moves his eyes to your mouth, then back to your eyes again. This routine is known as the ‘flirting triangle’.
  • He starts to resemble a peacock by puffing out his chest, pushing his shoulders back and leaning back in his chair. This is a classic move to watch out for ladies – he's displaying a pure animal mating ritual here without even knowing it!
  • He starts to put his hands on his hips and/or his thumbs in his belt loops, cowboy style. Once he's done this, he may lean in towards you. This leaning out and then in again is a subconscious attempt to draw you closer each time. Isn't it fun, knowing something he doesn't?

She's interested in you if…

  • She's talking to you while simultaneously pulling her sleeves up to reveal her wrists. Sounds strange guys, but this is true. A woman's wrist is known to be the softest, most womanly part of her body. Revealing it to you means she trusts you.
  • She starts to lean forwards on the table towards you, or starts to push other items towards you slightly, such as her menu or her wine glass. This might appear as though she's pushing you away, but in fact, she is closing the distance between you and creating an open invitation for you to do the same.
  • She plays with her jewellery. Perhaps she starts to twist a ring or a bracelet, or begins to run her fingers round a necklace chain or pendant against her throat. Here's where she's subconsciously drawing your eyes to a (possibly throbbing) pulse point, and to her fingers. Fun knowing something she doesn't, right?
  • She flicks her hair like a mermaid, or twirls it round her finger. Both gestures from a woman of any age are indications that she's interested romantically. Time to ask her out again, perhaps?

For more information about online dating over 50, take a look at our guide to dating decorum, and learn what’s hot and what’s not!

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