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How do you know if they are 'The One'?

Carol Dix

Is he or she really the one for you? How do you know if this is it? Dating guru Carol Dix gives us a few clues

A rose, cup of coffee on an old book
Can they really be the one for you?

Many people will be thinking about how to find the one real true love. Yet even though we might believe we’re looking for love, romance, even some passion, there’s a danger that we might miss out and let the right one pass us by.

Why? Because we’ve become too used to spotting the fatal flaws, too quick to think ‘no, this just won’t work’.

The downside to years of wisdom and experience is that we can truthfully say been there, done that, got the t-shirt! Our checklists of attributes, or rather must-not-haves, gets longer and longer.

Yet people do meet that someone special, it clicks, and they stay together. Then it makes no difference whether you’re 25 or 55 and over, the wow factor will strike. But the factor that affects older people falling in love again is fear: of failure, being hurt, disillusioned, deceived. Just about any fear you can think up.

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Why this could be the right one for you

Chemistry I don’t mean you’re having fantastic sex when you meet once a week. More than that, you relish and revel in the smell, touch, taste and any other sensation you can think of in the other. You love the look of his or her eyes, smile, and sound of their laugh.

Chuck out the checklists You throw out those old checklists filled in for online dating sites. Now it doesn’t seem to matter that you don’t both like the same kind of books, newspapers, or films. What’s more important is a shared sense of values, needs, how you have fun together.

Type casting He or she may not be your usual type that you find attractive. It’s amazing how moving on from our ‘I only like tall men so tall, or blonde women etc’ can really help free us up to find a totally unexpected new mate or partner.

More than just a plus one

Many of us single again in our middling years can be quite lonely. Is wanting to be together more than just a way of filling obvious gaps in your life?

Some good signs to watch out for:

  • You really like this person. You began to feel like friends even at the same time realising you were attracted to each other.
  • You don't rely on text messaging to communicate. Of course, you might send little quirky notes and smileys to each other during the day, but neither of you is afraid to pick up the phone and talk.
  • There’s an openness between you, so you feel you can tell him or her (after a few dates or weeks) some of the sad stories of your life, without fearing that they will be put off seeing you again.
  • You’re kind and sympathetic to each other; able to give some space, or time and not rush them if they’re taking more time to ‘commit’ or even to talk about this as a possible ongoing relationship.
  • Neither pushes the other to have sex till they are ready – but you both seem keen on the idea and definitely enjoy all the kissing ‘and cuddling.
  • You slide quite easily into agreeing to meet at weekends, even talk of going on a holiday together. You’re not being consigned to Thursday evenings nor are events like Christmas out of the question.
  • You’ve gone through some challenging situations together – either major disagreements or perhaps being delayed at an airport for several hours – and have emerged still liking each other and able to laugh about it!
  • You’re not wracked by anxiety and jealousy when he or she is out of your sight.

On the same page

However, what do you do if you feel they are right for you, but your partner doesn’t seem so convinced?

Sometimes it’s worth making the extra effort, if you’re convinced but they are not. Don’t be pushy. Just be prepared to give the other person time, space, and plenty of loving care. They might be that much more terrified of the idea of commitment again, after a previous lost love or bereavement. Or, plain commitment-shy. Or so out of practice that they can’t believe it’s happening!

Finding someone whom we can love is part of the random selection of life, which is why online social networking and internet dating sites have proven so popular. It helps us look outside of our own narrow social circle, widens the group from which we can choose or select, and just maybe shortens the odds that destiny will play you that winning card.

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