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How to help your friends find love

22 August 2012

Many of us have single friends who we would like to see in a happy relationship, but what can we do to help? Perhaps introducing them to the world of internet dating is the answer

Mature lady internet surfing on digital tablet with daughter
Helping your friend write their profile could be a fun experience

It seems that humans have a natural inclination towards matchmaking. Perhaps it’s an altruistic desire for our friends to be happy; perhaps, if we’re in a relationship, it’s an opportunity for a bit of vicarious thrill seeking, or perhaps we all just enjoy a good old meddle. Whatever your reasons, if you have friend who is looking for love they could benefit from a helping hand, particularly if they have been out of the dating game for a long time and are nervous about taking the plunge.

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Getting started

The question is: where to start? If your friend is part of your usual social circle then it’s unlikely that they’ll find someone new through your usual days out or dinner parties. They’ll need to expand their horizons and step beyond their familiar group of friends and acquaintances; there are many ways to achieve this, for example through a new hobby or class, so you could scour the local listings pages, Facebook or notice boards for events. Look for dance classes, art groups, writing groups, language classes, walking groups or another activity your friend enjoys. 

Even if your friend doesn't meet The One just getting out and talking to new people can be a huge confidence boost.

One of the best tried at tested methods for finding love, especially in later life, is online dating. Sites like Saga Dating are a brilliant way to get back into the dating scene, allowing your friend to talk to and meet up with people they wouldn’t normally meet.

All you need to do is convince your friend to give it a go. Online dating has overcome the stigma of being a last resort for the lonely and is absolutely booming worldwide, so you can reassure your friend that they’ll be in good company. There are many sites out there, but it’s best to choose one full of people with a similar outlook to your friend, which makes Saga Dating a great place for over 50s to start. It’s worth having a look round the site yourself before you introduce your friend to the idea; they’ll feel more comfortable if you can tell them something about it.

Fun and safe

The most important thing to point out to your friend is that online dating is a fun and safe way to meet new people. If you help them write their profile and then get searching through potential dates together, it’ll be a light-hearted experience and you’ll probably have a good laugh. 

Your friend can choose who they want to talk to and who they don’t and make up their mind when they’re ready to meet someone in real life. Internet dating puts them in control and gives them the confidence that can be lacking when we first return to dating, and you get the pleasure of watching your friend as they navigate the waters of their new dating pool – and, hopefully, meet the person of their dreams!

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