Dilemma: I want to play golf, but my wife wants to travel

Katharine Whitehorn / 13 September 2016

A retired couple are finding they want different things from their new lives.

Dilemma: we want different things from retirement

When I was working I used to go abroad several times a year for conferences and such and my wife enjoyed coming with me. 

Now I’m retired I’m happy enough with golf and working on my allotment, so I keep myself busy and enjoy the slower pace of life. 

My wife, however, greatly misses our foreign trips and had expected to see more of the world now that we are both retired – though I explained that travelling for work and going on an expensive holiday are very different things.

Katharine Whitehorn's advice

I can’t remember who said about retirement that ‘he has a new life but she’s just got half an old one’ but it sounds a bit like that. 

If you’re happy at home and definitely can't be convinced to travel, then surely the answer is to encourage your wife to travel either on her own or with a friend – there are many travel companies that organise short breaks and guided tours. She may appreciate you even more when she gets home.

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