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Top tips for great looking eyebrows

Tricia Cusden / 21 September 2016

Make-up artist Tricia Cusden talks through her tips for achieving the perfect eyebrow

An older lady pencils in her eyebrows

Eyebrows and ageing

I think that managing our eyebrows is one of the most challenging aspects of ageing.

It doesn’t help that thick prominent eyebrows are currently very fashionable amongst younger women. Having said that, if you aspire to the full ‘Scouse Brow’, then this column is probably not for you!

When I was planning the range for Look Fabulous Forever, I knew that I wanted a brow product which was genuinely and radically different than either pencil or shadow, which I considered to look unflatteringly artificial.

I was spurred on by my desire to help my sister- in-law Jenny. Due to a thyroid condition she had completely lost her eyebrows, although her eyelashes remained intact. Above her eyes she would draw on two thin arcs of pale brown colour with a pencil. Jenny knew that this look didn’t suit her, so she had grown her fringe and lost a lot of confidence in her appearance.

Thinning eyebrows

Even if you still have eyebrows, with age they are most likely to have become less well defined and probably paler and more sparse.

Mine are fairly typical of what I see when doing makeovers.

My brow hairs have become long and wiry, some are white and some grow straight out instead of lying flat against my skin.  However I don’t despair, because I know that I can restore the look of them quite easily with LFF Brow Shape.

My challenge to our cosmetic manufacturer was to produce something which could be used to create a truly subtle and realistic effect. I wanted a very fine brush and something akin to liquid paint with which to define older eyebrows without making them look either too heavy nor too smudgy and unrealistic.

The LFF Brow Shape has proved to be one of our hero products and there are now hundreds of women who have rediscovered the joy of well-arched, perfect eyebrows that are indistinguishable from the real thing.

My top tips for perfect eyebrows

1. Get your eyebrows well shaped professionally either by having them threaded or tweezered. If you cannot get to a salon then use a magnifying mirror to remove stray hairs from the area between the brows and on the brow bone. Ruthlessly tweezer out any hairs which are overlong or growing the wrong way.

2. Use a spiral shaped brush to groom the brows and create a shape which is thicker on the inner corner and goes to a fine line at the outer edges.

3. Brows need to add proportion and symmetry to the face and you can do this by using the handle of a thin eye shadow brush. The eyebrows should be the same width apart as the base of the nostrils. The brush will help you to measure this distance so that you can see where the brow needs to start at the inner corner. If you then move the brush so that it is level with the base of the nose and the outer corner of the eye, you will see where the brows need to end on the outer edge.

4. Using very light feathery strokes use the Brow Shape to create the illusion of fine individual bow hairs. This will allow you to achieve the desired length and width of each brow. Use the very fine brush to fill in any gaps and colour any paler brow hairs. Again, use a magnifying mirror to ensure that you don’t over-do it.

5. Finish with a final sweep of a spiral ‘spoolie’ brow brush and your brows should look suitably fabulous!


The opinions expressed are those of the author and are not held by Saga unless specifically stated. The material is for general information only and does not constitute investment, tax, legal, medical or other form of advice. You should not rely on this information to make (or refrain from making) any decisions. Always obtain independent, professional advice for your own particular situation.

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