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Seven top iPhone and Android fitness and exercise apps

Lynn Wright / 05 January 2016 ( 15 December 2016 )

Get fit for 2017 with an iPhone or Android fitness app. We’ve picked out seven perfect pocket-sized phone fitness trainers.

Running shoes and an iPhone to represent fitness and exercise apps
Track your progress and motivate yourself with a fitness app

Whether tracking your activities or coaching you through an exercise session, a smartphone app can help you achieve your fitness goals. We’ve rounded up seven of the best workout and exercise apps. 

Many fitness apps are free versions of paid-for apps. Paying extra adds additional features, but the basic versions are a good place to start.

1. C25K - 5K Trainer FREE

Free; iOS and Android

The couch to 5K program aims to transform coach potatoes into 5K runners in just nine weeks. 

Zen Labs’ C25K – 5K Trainer FREE is the official app, and one of the best. Aimed at complete beginners, the app guides you through the program of three 20-30 minute sessions each week, as you gradually increase your stamina and fitness from walking and light jogging at the start to confident running by the end.

Get C25K - 5K Trainer FREE on iPhone

Get C25K - 5K Trainer FREE on Android

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2. Runtastic

Free; iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Runtastic uses your phone’s GPS to track your walks, bike rides and other outdoor exercises. Perfect for avid runners and beginners alike, Runtastic lets you choose a workout and activity, and then set a goal such as time, distance, pace or calories spent. 

You can share your completed workouts with others via the Runtastic network, Facebook or Twitter.

Get Runtastic on iPhone

Get Runtastic on Android

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3. Endomondo

Free; iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Endomondo’s free version is basic, but lets you track a host of outdoor activities including running, cycling, tennis and golf. 

A doddle to use, simply select an activity and press the green play button to start tracking, then press stop when finished. You can also set goals, choose distances and find routes to follow.

Get Endomondo on iPhone

Get Endomondo on Android

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4. Strava Cycling and Running

Free; iOS and Android

Ideal for those with a competitive streak, Strava tracks where you’ve run or cycled using your phone’s GPS to measure your speed and times. It also lets you compete with other users who have ridden or run part of the same route. 

Privacy may be an issue: just as other users’ details can be viewed so you can rank your performance against theirs, information about your tracked activities is uploaded too.

Get Strava Cycling and Running on iPhone

Get Strava Cycling and Running on Android

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5. Pocket Yoga

£2.29; iOS; £1.89, Android

A fantastic app for yoga lovers and newcomers. It features audio and illustration guides for 27 easy-to-follow yoga routines. Each routine is available in beginner, intermediate, and expert difficulty levels and starts with a slow-paced warm up, lowering the risk of pulled muscles. 

If you’re struggling to get into position, the app’s Pose library shows a written and visual description of each pose so you can check your downward dog from your cobra.

Get Pocket Yoga on iPhone

Get Pocket Yoga on Android

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6. Sworkit 

Free; iOS and Android

Sworkit is a great workout app that helps keep you in shape. Select the exercise you want, such as strength, cardio, yoga or stretching, and then choose from a dozens of different video workouts lasting from 5 to 60 minutes in length. 

You can create your own custom workout from a library of over 160 different exercises.

Get Sworkit on iPhone

Get Sworkit on Android

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7. Jefit Workout Exercise Trainer

Free; iOS and Android

If you’re a fan of strength training and bodybuilding, this app keeps track of your sets and reps. Search its database of more than 1,300 exercise routines sorted by targeted body part to create your own workout routines. 

It offers detailed instructions on each exercise and comes with a workout planner, exercise log and progress tracker to help you stay motivated and ripped. 

Get Jefit Workout Exercise trainer on iPhone

Get Jefit Workout Exercise trainer on Android

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