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Are Caribbean cruises safe? The top questions answered

10 May 2019

Got a question about Caribbean cruises? Read the most common questions and answers here.

Caribbean sea off the coast of Bridgetown, Barbados
The Caribbean sea off the coast of Bridgetown, Barbados

There are few holidays more opulent than a Caribbean cruise, but setting sail to far-flung corners of the world sometimes brings to mind a few questions, particularly if the culture is very different or you don’t know much about the destination. 

That’s why Saga have decided to do a little research on what pressing questions people have about cruise ship getaways to the idyllic Caribbean Islands.

To learn more about what holidays in the Caribbean have in store, browse some of our answers.

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Q. Are there Caribbean cruises for solo travellers?

A. Of course! With careful choice, single, mature travellers can find a tour operator that caters to their needs. 

Many cruise customers have retired from work. Some have also experienced separation, or even bereavement – these are all facts of life, and everyone needs to take relaxing holidays.

Plenty of cruise packages are made with single travellers in mind.  On the right ship, there will be parties where you can mingle with likeminded travellers, and daily activities or entertainment to help you meet people with shared interests. 

However, you can also find plenty of space to relax by yourself if you prefer.

Q. Are Caribbean cruises safe?

A. Yes, as long as you take basic precautions. You are more likely to be a victim of sunburn than of crime while on a Caribbean cruise! 

But, just as you should apply stronger sun protection while touring the islands, you should also apply common sense when on holiday in a country that may not be as wealthy as the UK. This means following a few guidelines:

● Pack a high factor sunscreen and apply regularly
● Wear a money belt rather than a purse when heading off-ship
● Don’t carry more money than you need for refreshments and souvenirs
● Try not to wear flashy jewellery and expensive-looking accessories
● Avoid going to isolated places alone at night, including beaches

Follow these guidelines, which apply in a lot of holiday destinations anyway, and you will enjoy a safe and enjoyable trip!

Q. How much are Caribbean cruises?

A. It really depends on your budget. If you want to spend two or three weeks seeing a few choice islands in the Caribbean, you can do so for as little as about £1,500 per person, including flights from the UK. 

If you have more time to spend and places to see, cruises can last a month or even more. For an extended voyage, you can expect to lay out around £5000 for a month of all-inclusive cruising.

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Q. Are Caribbean cruises all inclusive?

A. Yes and no. The products and services included vary between cruises, so it’s worth thinking about what you want, first. 

Not everyone has the same priorities when it comes to travel - some people like the assurance of having a range of good quality food and drink all organised in advance. 

Of course, there are also always optional extras, selected drinks, and premium products available to purchase. If you want to indulge yourself a little, remember to allow for a bit of extra spending when you budget.

Finally, if you want free rein when it comes to your refreshments, then maybe an all inclusive cruise may feel a little limiting. 

Why not give yourself the luxury treatment when you’re on holiday? If money is no object and you like choice, then perhaps a cruise with full board will be the better option.

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EXCITING NEWS: The countdown is on for the arrival of our second new ship, Spirit of Adventure, who will take to the oceans this summer! Find out more about cruising aboard our newest ship…

Q. Are Caribbean cruises worth it?

A. We’d have to say yes! There are a few reasons why, though – organised activities, co-ordinated island trips, and quality meals. That’s before you consider the in-cruise events, the people you’ll get to meet, and the entertainment on board. 

All in all, cruises offer the convenience of having everything you need in one place, but also variation in the range of things you’ll see and do. 

It can be ideal for someone who wants to see more of the world without a lot of flights and moving from hotel to hotel!

Q. Which Caribbean cruise is best?

A. That’s a tough one to answer, as it depends on the islands you want to see and the experiences you’d like to have. 

The Caribbean is split roughly into eastern, western, and southern cruise regions, and typically, southern itineraries have the most port stops.

Make sure to do some research on the many islands available to get some inspiration. Each destination offers something different, so you should take a relaxing afternoon reading about 

Q. Are there Caribbean cruises with flights from the UK?

A. Yes. There are always cruise options available with flights from the UK. The flights cut cruise time down to about two to three weeks from a month or more, giving people with work or family commitments a better chance of seeing more. 

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