5 unique customs from around the world

20 April 2017

As well as helping you avoid any disrespectful actions, understanding and appreciating the unique customs of a country is part of the joy of travel. Here are a few particularly special practices that you might encounter on your next trip.

1. Watch your chopsticks in Japan

Japanese food eaten with chopsticks

The Japanese are renowned for their polite manners, so use your chopsticks with reverence if you want to avoid making an uncomfortable faux pas. According to the Japanese, it's considered very rude to play, point or stab food with chopsticks. Also, flip these utensils round if you're reaching for food from a shared plate – it's not only disrespectful but rather unhygienic.

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2. Pointing with lips in Nicaragua

Woman puckered lips

Interpret this wrongly and you could end up very red-faced. Whilst here in the UK puckering up signals your intention to land a kiss, in Nicaragua this expression is often used for pointing to something nearby. You might notice someone indicating where the toilets are with a discreet scrunch of the lips or to indicate a person or subject of discussion nearby.

3. Spitting for luck in Greece

Man spitting water in the sea

If you've ever thought how romantic it would be to get hitched or renew your vows in beautiful Greece, you ought to be aware of this unique custom. Spitting in Greek culture is traditionally thought to be a form of good luck and protection against evil and is often employed at special occasions such as weddings or baptisms as well as in general conversation. Fortunately, spitting has evolved into more of an exaggerated 'ftou, ftou, ftou' noise these days. It's ok – the wedding's back on!

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4. Seal the deal with a sauna in Finland

Sauna in Finland

The tradition of the sauna is central to Finnish culture, so don't be surprised if a business contact you've never met before extends this perfectly normal invitation. Expect to strip off your clothes and sweat it out in the sauna before heading outside to plunge into ice-cold water to really get that blood pumping.

5. Consider your gifts in China

Yellow Chrysanthemum with present

You might believe offering gifts to your friendly Chinese host or tour guide is a charming token of gratitude, but there are one or two items you really ought to avoid. Clocks, handkerchiefs, shoes, yellow chrysanthemums and any white flowers have strong associations with funerals and death. Take the safe option and offer sweet treats instead.

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