Chinese New Year

The 2018 Chinese New Year falls on February 16th and is the Year of the Dog. The country celebrates the event with festivals, family and food.

Plan your trip to China at the perfect time

Here’s an idea. How about combining your long-planned grand tour of China to fall within the timescale of the big Chinese New Year celebrations themselves?

Usually late January, early February. Now that really would be something.

The globally-celebrated event which is Chinese New Year is also known as the Lunar New Year or the Spring Festival. Next year is the Year Of The Dog, before you ask. 

The apex of next year’s celebrations is on Friday, February 16, 2018.

Of course, London, New York, Singapore, Sydney and many other great global cities with large Chinese populations have long marked Chinese New Year with colourful street displays, traditional dancing and flamboyant parades.

Nowhere does it like China

But you won’t be at all surprised to learn that nowhere does Chinese New Year in quite the same way as China’s capital city, Beijing.

There is a stronger focus on the traditional underpinning Beijing’s individual way of bringing in the new year.

That’s not to say, though, that it isn’t an inclusive time of year for visitors. There are tons of colourful Chinese New Year distractions for travellers to savour inn the mega-city, including parades, fireworks, dancing, artistic and athletic events, ice sculptures and ceremonies of historical and cultural importance.