Celebrate Christmas

Have you ever wished you could get away at Christmas and enjoy an extra special festive break? There's plenty of options available for a Christmas stay int he UK

There's no place home...or is there?

At Christmas, there’s no place like home, as the great Jimmy Stewart famously (almost) said.

But even if you do love Christmases at home, you don’t every year want the bother of making sure the timing of the turkey and the trimmings are right and ready, nor faff around with all the mad preparations, when you can stay right here in Blighty and let someone else do all the hard work for you.

Christmas breaks in the UK

Christmas breaks in the UK are all the rage, with full-board hotel breaks for those of you who want to be indulged with all the festive fun, including fabulous food, Christmas carols and entertainment but without having to sort out any of the fuss yourself.

Or you could choose a half-board hotel Christmas stay in a buzzy town or city, where you can come and go as you please with a sumptuous evening meal and a comfy bed to look forward to at night.

There are jolly, sociable hotel-based Christmas breaks on offer aimed at solo travellers, plus musical Christmas hotel stays, where professional performers put on uplifting concerts of everything from traditional Christmas music to classical, operettas to jazz.